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What I think Dale would have to say about the #3 coming back

December 12th, 2013

Dale SrTheMan1

I think if Dale was around to respond to all the haters and whiners, it’d go something like this:

For those of you who are either jealous of Austin Dillon, or love to focus on loss and losing instead of racing and winning, stay the hell home. Don’t come here and grumble about the #3 being back on the track, that’s where it belongs! The #3 should be raced! Stay the hell away and don’t watch if you’ve got feathers on your legs or butt! Put a kerosene rag around your ankles so the ants won’t climb up and eat that candy ass.


In my opinion, the #3 will ALWAYS be Dale’s number – Austin will just be driving it. I think it’s a great way to keep Dale’s legacy alive. All I ask is that the person who drives the #3 doesn’t bring any disrespect or embarrassment to it. So far, I think Austin will do well, but time will tell.

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One Party Rule Works Well For NASCAR, But….

November 9th, 2013

So much talk about Washington’s views against “factions” (political parties) lately.

Yes, Washington said he was against “factions”. However, in practice he (and John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and other Founders) was actually a Federalist and was strongly opposed to the Jefferson Party’s pro French and pro slavery views. The one party ideal pushed by the Jefferson Party during their years of power – mainly through the Jefferson and Madison administrations –  was just a way to equate patriotism with agreeing with the Jefferson Party’s views. Saying “no parties” in reality meant, and still means today, one party and one political viewpoint. That’s NOT the point Washington was trying to convey. What Washington meant was to not place party factions before the interests of the country like he felt Jefferson had done when Jefferson sided with the French against the U.S. during the “Quasi War” with France.

Washington wished that in an ideal world, all politicians would be like him and put the interests of their country first and that there would be no need for parties. However, Washington soon learned that most citizens, and hence the politicians that represent them, put their interests before the country and that even he would have to chose a side. Everyone wants to blame the politicians when all they are is a reflection of all of us. Instead of blaming politicians in general, take a stand and support those who support your views and stand up against those who don’t.

Ironically, over the years, the Jefferson Party adopted the policies of their Federalist predecessors that they had lambasted to get into power. They learned, after actually trying to run the country, that the Federalist weren’t so wrong after all. Late in life, Jefferson himself wrote Adams a letter saying “you were right, I was wrong”. This illustrates what’s wrong with one party rule: sometimes, like Jefferson was, one party is wrong and needs the other to check its advance down the wrong path. What makes America great is our checks and balances on the powers of the government, not just those in our Constitution, but also in our political practice of having two opposing political parties that check the power of the other.

The fact is, history has shown us that one party rule leads to tyranny. One party rule is what the Nazis and Communists had – with all politicians, media etc., following the party line as dictated from above by the “benevolent rulers”. It’s tyranny under the guise of “putting the country first”.  Not my cup of tea.


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RCR/Harvick Dust-Up A Mix-Up

October 26th, 2013


After watching the replay, it was Crafton who was all over Ty and shoved the #3 truck into Kevin causing the spin. Ty had Harvick jacked a little, but there wouldn’t have been a wreck if Crafton didn’t drive through them. It also looked like Harvick was sending Ty a message by brake checking a little. So all woulda been fine, but after Crafton drove through them, Harvick was understandably peeved off thinking it was Ty who wrecked him on purpose. So he slammed Ty’s right front fender in. I don’t blame Harvick for that because I thought Ty wrecked him on purpose myself before I watched the replay.

However, Richard and Ty knew Harvick wasn’t intentionally wrecked. When Harvick came back and slammed in Ty’s right front fender, they got peeved peeved and said and did some unfortunate things, prompting Kevin to say some unfortunate things.  I’m sure if Harvick saw everything, he would’ve seen it was just one of those short track deals, but there’s no way Kevin could’ve known from his seat, and obviously his spotter didn’t tell him what happened.

So, it looks like it was all an unfortunate series of carp that caused it all. Everyone’s reaction was understandable based on what they saw and knew at the time. I’m sure they all wish they could take back some of the unfortunate comments. We need to finish out the RCR era with a championship. They need to take the energy from today and focus it against the competition tomorrow. RCR and Kevin each owe each other a lot, starting with mutual respect. I hope they have all come to that conclusion by tomorrow.

Let’s go out and win tomorrow and go on down the road to the Championship at Homestead!


Update 10/27 – Kevin manned up, apologized and wrote it all off as short track tempers. I hope Richard will do the same as soon as he has the opportunity. Kevin’s comments


Update 10/30

I’ve been away the last couple days… Austin said some nice things about Harvick, as did Ty.

Austin said in part:

” Kevin Harvick is somebody in my family that is a hero. He was a hero and probably still will be. During a tough time when RCR needed someone to step up, Kevin Harvick did. He kept RCR up front in NASCAR for a long time. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years, both good and bad. He’s a great race car driver. No one can not say that he’s a great race car driver. He’s done a lot to teach me about different tracks that we’ve gone to. It definitely hurts to hear those things from him.”

Austin’s full comments

Ty gave a radio interview. I don’t have the transcript for that, but he said that “Kevin was our hero” who “basically saved RCR”. He also credits him for giving him the key to success for his first win.

Ty interview here

So, Ty effectively disavowed his stupid comments. Wish he’d apologize for what he said instead of talking about how what Kevin said hurt his feelings, but he’s a boy still, Kevin’s a man, and I guess that’s where the difference is.

They’re showing Kevin proper respect, and that’s all I ask. Let’s move on and win the Cup!

Update 11/10 – In the post race press conference after their win at Phoenix, it is obvious all is well again. Harvick gets choked up a couple times including when stating that Richard helped teach him be a dad. Both talked about the other as “family” and how they had mutual respect for each other.

More than worth watching all the way through. Full interview.


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Tandem Racing – Either Do It Or Don’t!

October 20th, 2013


This half arse approval by NASCAR of tandem racing is for the birds! Either go with it all the way or don’t do it at all! Line up the bumpers; get rid of the stupid cooling rules and all the other nonsense they use to discourage the practice, or change the configurations to make it mostly impossible. Drivers getting wrecked because their bumpers don’t line up is just foolishness! The fact that drivers have to pay more attention to their temperature gauges than driving certainly can’t promote good racing! Preventing the teams from communicating with each other makes no sense when this style of racing depends on different teams working with each other.

Personally, I don’t think tandem racing is “real racing”. Yes, it can be entertaining. It’s certainly different than all the other racing. It also can be fun to watch something a little different a few times a year. However, I prefer “mano a mano” racing myself – it’s what NASCAR is all about.

But the middle ground is the worst choice! If you’re going to stick with tandem racing, make it work! Line those bumpers up! Open up the vents and get rid of the pressure gauges that empty the radiator at low temps. That has to be the most obnoxious rule – “if you try and go fast for too long, we’ll make your motor blow up”. Give me a break! How does THAT promote good racing? Allow radio contact between teams again! Listening to the drivers communicate with each other seemed to be the favorite part of tandem racing to most fans.

So NASCAR: If you’re not going to make tandem racing as good as possible, raise the rear bumper like the pre COT cars and limit it to “bump drafting” like the good ‘ol days!

Either do it or don’t NASCAR!


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NASCAR’s Icon For A Stand Up Guy Is Now An Icon For Cheating

September 9th, 2013


Clint Bowyer Got Off Easy On Spingate, But NASCAR Handled Best It Could

Though Clint Bowyer got off easy for his blatant cheating, I think NASCAR did it’s best in a tough situation. Yes, after watching and hearing the  in-car camera tape, only the brain dead and/or Kool-Aid drinkers would deny Bowyer blatantly spun out. A huge percentage of fans, including myself, want to see him punished severely for the disgrace his actions brought to our sport. A lot do not feel that the penalties went far enough. I didn’t myself at first, but on reflecting, I think NASCAR handled the situation very well.

NASCAR fined all three Michael Waltrip Racing’s teams 50 owner and 50 driver points each for their unethical actions trying to change the outcome of the race and the Chase. This immediately rights some of the most egregious wrongs: Truex who only got in by cheating is now out; Newman who most likely would’ve been in the Chase without the cheating by MWR is back in.  What that leaves unresolved is Gordon, who probably would’ve been in before the cheating, is still out. Also, Bowyer gets off without any real penalty as he’ll be starting the Chase with the exact amount of points he would’ve had before the he cheated.

In regards to Bowyer, I noticed that MWR has already announced they won’t appeal. I suspect NASCAR made a deal with them: “Take this or we’re going to give you what you REALLY deserve.” So Bowyer gets off easy penalty-wise, but he’s forever disgraced. He can deny all he wants, but each time he does he just loses even more respect. Everyone will know he’s lying. So, though not perfect, NASCAR has righted the main wrong. If they handed out what Bowyer deserved: being parked, MWR would’ve appealed. Who’s to say what would happen then? Everyone knows he cheated and spun on purpose, but would that hold up once all the legal minds got involved? Maybe, maybe not.

So, Bowyer’s punishment is having to live with himself and the loss of respect he’ had built up in NASCAR – not to mention the loss of a large amount of fans who previously loved him as the icon of a stand up guy in our sport. Now he’s an icon for cheating. Clint Bowyer will now forever be mentioned in discussions on cheating in NASCAR – along with his team, Michael ‘Jet Fuel’ Waltrip Racing. Hopefully Clint will try and redeem himself and admit what everyone already knows. It’ll be hard for many to forgive him if he continues to lie about it. Ryan Newman said Clint admitted it to him and apologized within minutes of NASCAR announcing the penalties. Clint should now do the same publicly for the fans, because he owes them an apology too.

That leaves Jeff Gordon. How can it be made right for him? It’s not really fair to penalize Joey Logano since he had no involvement in MWR scam, so putting Gordon in place of Joey wouldn’t work. The only options are either “sorry, sucks for you” or putting Gordon in the Chase as a 13th car. I don’t like Gordon getting screwed, but I also don’t like changing rules just to resolve a sticky problem. I honestly don’t have a solution. There really isn’t a good option. Morally, Clint should be out and Gordon put in his place, but as explained above, that’s not going to happen.

As to Vickers, I don’t blame him personally. He was ordered to pit road by others, and from what I know, it doesn’t appear he was very happy about it. To be honest, I don’t think what he did is even a small fraction as morally bad as what Bowyer did. What Vickers did only directly effected his own team. The effects were limited only to how his team penalizing themselves effected others. I’m not even sure that should be punished… frowned on maybe. However, what Bowyer did changed, and was INTENDED to change, the entire outcome of the race and the Chase for many teams. It made a joke of the race. That rises to a level I could never defend and is behavior that cannot be tolerated in this sport.

NASCAR was in a tough spot and handled this much better than I thought they would. They have kept my respect – though I will have some things to say about their policing of restarts in the future. I understand this was much more difficult for them than a lot of people might understand. Perhaps with some pressure, they will find a way to make it right for Gordon too. Though I find it distasteful to play with the rules, perhaps adding him as a 13th team would be best.  I’ll have to trust others to decide if that is proper.


Make your Chase pick in the TV Section!!!

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If You Don’t Think The G6 Is A Great Car “I’ll Bust Your Ass!”

March 25th, 2013

The race at Fontana demonstrated everything I’ve been trying to express this year about what’s right and wrong with making great racing. As I’ve been saying, the G6 is a great car – especially when compared to the Dump Truck COT. The car is fine, and it will do nothing but get better and better as the teams test and improve on them. The problem with the racing has been freshly paved super grippy tracks and hard tires! Now, we still had hard tires at Fontana, but look at how great the racing was on the slick track! Imagine how much greater it would’ve been if they also had REAL race tires?

I think now that NASCAR got the car right, we’ll see slow and steady improvements to the racing… including gradually moving to softer tires. Dega and Daytona are a much bigger challenge, but softer tires and hopefully hot days will help those tracks! I sure don’t want to see another disgraceful PARADE at Daytona again!

As to the incidents with Denny and Logano and Tony and Logano at Fontana, I have no problem with anything and of them did or said. If you’re a fan of any of the drivers, they all said what you’d want them to say. All three gave it 110% on the track, so you can’t ask for more. It was a great race with hard racing by passionate drivers who gave it their all going for the win – NASCAR style!

We need more of that hard racing, passion and tempers! That’s what NASCAR is all about! Think about why we had all that this race – because the DRIVERS could actually race vs playing follow the leader!  As I’m typing these words, I’m listening to Larry Mac describe how tire fall off and slick tracks is what we need! So, even a guy like Larry Mac who has had a deaf ear to the problem is FINALLY cluing in! That’s all we need is the media cluing in to the REAL problem and put some pressure on NASCAR for race tires again!

Let’s stop pondering what’s wrong with the car! The car is great! Let’s get the tires fixed and STOP screwing up great tracks like Daytona and we’ll have NASCAR racing again!





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It’s The Tires Stupid!

March 11th, 2013

I just watched a couple videos and a few stories where they were all pondering why fresher tires couldn’t beat older tires in yesterdays race. As always, all the speculations concentrated on the G6, and it didn’t dawn on ANY of them that it’s the frigging tires!

I guess the obvious is just too obvious for most of the media!  :roll:

A few years ago, there was a fan uprising where they yelled and screamed and got their pitchforks out demanding tires that wouldn’t blow no matter how many laps were on them or how radical the camber set-ups their favorite drivers had. They got what they whined for! Tires now last forever and poor racing is the result! It’s like when everyone screams for the government to solve all their problems and then turn around and complain that we have a huge government that spends all our money and wants to run every last detail of our lives! We asked for these tires, and we got them!

Yes, there were a few races where tires were an issue : obviously the Indy fiasco. However, the tires were good for racing overall back then. The COT made things worse and then the hard tires made it worse still! Now that we fixed the car,  it’s time we go back to REAL race tires!

The tire problem is also exacerbated with all the track re-pavings! Sticky tires and SLICK tracks is what makes for the best racing! We now have grippy tracks and hard tires!  I won’t repeat myself on the problems with hard tires, but you can read why tires are the problem here.

There was a lot more passing and good racing yesterday than is being portrayed. There was 31 green-flag passes for the lead and 2,342 overall passes compared to 15 passes for the lead and 1,301 overall a year ago. That said, things would improve a LOT quicker if we could at least focus on what the REAL problems are! NASCAR is like politics in this country – everyone’s debating and and focusing on issues that have NOTHING to do with actually making things better! The G6 is a good car, NASCAR finally made the improvements  they shoulda done years ago. The car is going to make for improved racing. Maybe they need to play with it a little… spoiler heights for one, but how about trying REAL race tires again??



PSS: Woo Hoo! Just posted this and turned on Speed and heard Booty just say on the The Hub that hard tires were the main problem at Vegas! Go Booty!!

3/15 Update on Denny: “What I was most frustrated with is it’s not even the opinion I have. I like the car. I think the car is better. That’s me giving 100% honest truth. I was more frustrated with the tire we were on than anything. That’s the part that frustrated me is it put me on an island feeling like I was bashing the car when it’s definitely not how I felt.”

Why doesn’t comments on the tires get any attention??

3/15 And now from Kasey Kahne:If you put softer tires on it, you might be able to go faster,” said the Hendrick Motorsports driver, whose No. 5 Chevrolet will start Sunday in the same position where it finished last week at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “I felt the tire felt pretty good. I’m happy with the way (the) car drove.”

3/15 Brad Kesleowski: In meeting with media, Brad Keselowski said he wouldn’t be surprised if sometime by midseason, NASCAR reduces the size of the spoiler.

3/16 Buried in another article, some good stuff. Why aren’t articles FOCUSED and HEADLINED on these topics??

Jimmie Johnson:

“The easiest fix would be much simpler than the construction project that scattered bulldozers and heavy machinery across Bristol’s high banks after last year’s race.

Johnson believes just using abrasive asphalt for repaves would help.— technology has created glass-smooth pavement that has been laid at nearly 20 tracks in the past decade

“There are a lot of smart people in the garage and abroad. If we start focusing on tracks I think an easy route is to use some of the older aggregate (paving compound) on these tracks. This new stuff that they have used at a variety of different race tracks, it lasts a long time. It doesn’t wear the tire out. I’m sure it’s a smart decision when you are looking at your bookkeeping at the end of the year. You don’t have to resurface the track as often, but I don’t think it’s helpful for good racing. We need tire fall off and tire wear in order to do that.”

“We need tire fall off and tire wear” for good racing Jimmie says! This is what I’m talking about! It’s not just me saying this! EVERYONE knows what’s wrong: smooth tracks and hard tires! But no one makes a big deal about it! Now that the G6 is fixed, making racing great again would be relatively easy – but no one really seems to want to make the effort to do it! :-S

3/16 And even the guy who was against the Daytona repave before he was for it, is now against it again – after it’s too late. Dale Junior:

“I think everybody needs to put away the pick axes and hammers because we really don’t know what makes a good racetrack,” Earnhardt said. “We really don’t need everybody hammering away at the surface of the race track trying to fix it, because nobody really knows what the result is going to be. I think if you look at Atlanta and you look at Vegas and Texas and the age of that asphalt, it seems like the older the asphalt gets, the more we move around. I think us running different grooves is better for the racing. I think us running in one single groove is not better for racing. I think we all can agree there.”

A little late to tell ’em now to “put away the pick axes and hammers”. He needed to say more of that BEFORE they started all the track repaves, not as much good after. But at least after the horse is gone, he realizes the barn door shoulda been shut.

Nate Ryan has the Jimmie and Junior quotes and more in another pretty good article. Click here.

3/19 – Race Hub just had a segment on whether we need softer tires with more fall off and they both agreed! Woo Hoo! Major progress!

I’ve been sending emails and direct messages to reporters, in addition to the occasional tweets. Everyone in the business already knows that’s what we need, but have been putting it off. Need to get the clueless reporters talking about it if we want to get anything done. We need to put a fire under NASCAR and the only way to do that is to get the dolts in the media talking about it! So, add your voices to these guys and send ’em some love and maybe we can get great racing back again!


Good interview by Nate Ryan of Charlie Daniels! Very common sense, insightful man. Too bad he’s not running NASCAR


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Shortest Rant By LeftTurns190 In 3WA History!

March 8th, 2013



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Tony Stewart Describes Blocking.

September 8th, 2012

Aside from the obvious blocking that we’re seeing more and more of in recent years, there’s the more subtle form of blocking that’s just as annoying. To explain the more subtle version, we’ll quote the Blocking Hater in Chief, Tony Stewart:

“When somebody runs a different line than what they would run by themselves to keep somebody from passing them, that’s blocking. That’s easy for everybody to see.” Well, I suspect not to everyone Tony, but please go on.  “So if a guy changes lanes halfway down the straightaway, he’s not doing it because it’s a faster line to get him into the corner,  he’s doing it because he’s blocking.”

How does Tony feel we should deal with this blocking?

“If anybody wants to block all year, that’s what I’m gonna keep doing (punt ’em) If they wanna block, that’s what’s gonna happen to ’em every time, for the rest of my career… I’m not gonna tolerate it. I don’t race guys that way, and I’m not gonna let anybody race me that way, so if they (block), they get dumped.”

Now if the race is on the line, I’d say do whatever you have to, but it’s very annoying when drivers do it in the middle of the race – especially when they’re lapper cars.  The last race at Bristol took the cake when it came to blocking – in both Nationwide and Cup. The lappers were especially bad – taking the preferred middle line and holding up faster cars lap after lap. A certain green colored car was the master of the art – most certainly because of a confidence by the driver that no one will dare punt that car due to the drama they’ll have to deal with if they do. That green machine was even aggressively blocking the leaders! I was shocked more didn’t get dumped as LOTS of drivers were asking for it!

So, if some of your drivers seem to get dumped a lot for no obvious reason, there’s a good chance that it’s perhaps due to other drivers feeling as Tony does:

“So (I’m just going to go) where I (am) going to go. Pretty much from now on, if anyone blocks me, they’re not going to like the consequences of it.”

When the race is on the line, you gotta do what you gotta do – within reason of course. And sometimes a driver will lose some momentum, temporarily, and will block for a corner or two to hold his position. I also don’t think it’s bad to make it difficult for a guy to pass you for a lap or two. Where are the limits? I’m sure the guy behind you will let you know. Better hope it’s not Tony! ;)

Tony Eury Senior

I was going to write a rant about Junior dumping his Uncle from JRM as cover for Whanica’s lack of ability in stock cars, but it’s just too pathetic to even talk about. People can, and I’m sure will, make various excuses for Junior (and Whanica), but to me there’s no excuse for doing that to the one man, aside from his father, who is most responsible for Junior’s success. Actually, a lot of fans would probably argue that Tony Senior was the man MOST responsible for Junior success, as it was Tony Sr. who talked his dad into giving him a ride in the first place. If it was performance Junior was worried about, there’s far from a shortage of willing drivers who have 10 times the talent as Whanica and who would shine in a car of that caliber.  I saw this coming when I FIRST heard Whanica was coming to JRM: that  she’d be an embarrassment and someone’s head would have to roll to cover for her  – though I thought Tony Jr. would be the first victim – just like he was the sacrificial lamb in Cup covering for Rick giving Junior’s engineering team to Jimmie and dooming the #88 team in ’08 -and for years afterward. I knew the end was coming soon for Tony Jr., but nope! It’s Pops turn this time!

Yeah, I know, “engineering means nothing” to some. Of course engineering was the VERY reason Junior himself gave for dumping Pops, so some Rick Hendrick apologists of the last few years will now have to rethink their position on the importance of engineering before making their excuses for Dale Junior firing Pops.   ;-)

All I can say is shame on you Junior. You get farther and farther from the great grassroots racer,  straight talking, down to earth guy I became a huge fan of from your first starts back in the Busch series days. This marketing machine mentality, where symbolism and marketing is put ahead of racing is NOT what the Earnhardt name used to represent to me and a lot of other fans. First you throw Tony Junior under the bus on your Cup team, now Pops. Very sad!

I hope his sister isn’t next!

Ironic that Junior wouldn’t leave HMS  for their lack of engineering support for his team, which left him to drive around in embarrassing mediocrity for the previous 4 years – but now he’s using an engineering excuse to fire Pops!

Well, as usual, even when I try not to, I rant a little anyway.  :roll:

Richmond NW race:

I  wanted to say I really enjoyed the race today – especially the racing between Ricky Stenhouse and Kevin Harvick. Happy was all over Ricky, giving him frequent nudges and trying to get him freaked out. It didn’t work: Ricky kept his cool and kept racing. He hung in there tough with none of that lame blocking discussed above. He just raced Harvick hard. After the race, Happy sung Ricky’s praises, and I was glad to see that Ricky was just as pumped up and as happy as Kevin. It was a taste of the good ‘ol days that we rarely see anymore! Too many whine at the slightest nudge or cry when they get punted for blocking!  :roll:

The jury’s still out on Ricky for me, but at the very least it looks like he won’t be an embarrassment to the :17: and is proving to be the man to beat for the NW Championship.




Happy Birthday USMC88!  (G)

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NASCAR Rules Take Away Shootout & 500 Wins. Championships too?

February 21st, 2011

Congratulations to Trevor Bayne for winning the Daytona 500. I’ve followed him for a couple years now and it’s nice to see him get off to such an amazing start in his Cup career racing for the iconic Woods Brothers.

Too bad NASCAR took the win away from him.

Thanks to the new rules NASCAR instituted this year to appease all the whiners amongst the fans, drivers have to pick which series they want to receive points in this year. So, since Trevor picked to receive points in the NW series, he’s not the Points leader in Cup as he should be, he has no points at all!

Combine that with the Bud Shootout winner having the win taken away from him due to another rule that has been in need of fixing, NASCAR is off to a pretty embarrassing start to the season!

NASCAR is supposed to be the “All American Sport” but now they’re going socialist and making a joke out the sport trying to appease all the whiners amongst the fans who don’t think it’s fair that the best teams in the Nationwide Series and Truck series win the Championships. Now due to the new rules to make the whiners happy, NASCAR has also taken away the win and the Championship lead that the young rookie Trevor Bayne should have now in Cup!

 NASCAR has messed up ALL THREE series and their “make it fair for the little guy rule” has already backfired and destroyed what would’ve been an amazing chance for a small team with a rookie driver! He can’t even run for Rooke of the Year! All those who whined to “make it fair for the little guy” have ruined the biggest opportunity a “little guy” has had in NASCAR history! Hope they’re all proud of themselves now! :roll:

In addition, since NASCAR STILL hasn’t made the adjustment needed to fix the yellow line rule – the need for which made  obvious YEARS ago: that the Yellow Line rule should be suspended coming out of turn #4 the last lap – they also took away the win from the guy who crossed the finish line first in the Bud Shootout!

So now NASCAR is two for two in taking away the wins of the first two big races this season! You’re off to a great start NASCAR! When will common sense prevail again in this sport?


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