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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Autism Speaks 400 At Dover!

May 31st, 2009


Race starts at 1:30 PM EST! See you all here!


Congratulations to Brad Keselowski and JR Motorsports for their victory in the Heluva Good! 200 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Dover! Congratulations also to Brian Scott for winning the rain delayed AAA Insurance 200Camping World Truck series race! This was Brian’s first Truck series win! Both races were not what one would necessarily call “exciting”, but they both certainly had thrilling finishes! I hope the Cup series race tomorrow has just as much excitement at the finish, but also keeps us entertained up to that point also. Tire wear was a big problem, but after a few hundred laps of Truck and NW Series racing, the track seemed to rubber up a little, so hopefully tires won’t be as big of a problem as first feared. We’ll see!

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Hendrick Drops The Ball – Tony Eurey Jr. Gets The Blame!

May 29th, 2009

OK, since ChevyTech thinks I should put it up, here it is. ;)

Well, we’ve heard since before Daytona that the #88 team was lacking the engineering support it needed. So, after months of poor performance, Rick finally gets around to doing his job as an owner and provides the team with a couple engineers and support staff like he was already giving to the #24 and #48 teams! How does he get out of the embarrassment of getting busted dropping the ball for NASCAR’s most popular driver? Fire Tony Eurey Junior and blame it on the crew chief!

Brilliant! This is America, and everyone knows few read beyond the headlines!

While everyone’s focusing on Tony Jr. getting canned, Rick will quietly make the changes to the team that should have  been done long ago! Who would understand a bait and switch game  like this better than a car salesman?

Well that might fool some, but if it was just the crew chief who was the problem, then why not just replace the crew chief? Rick Hendrick, by adding the engineering support now, is admitting that he’s the one who dropped the ball! To not give that support, which was widely discussed as one of the leading problems on that team for months, and to wait until he fires Tony Jr. from the job is pretty low!

Look at it this way: If Rick thinks the new crew chief is going to need all this extra help that he didn’t think Tony Jr. needed, he must have thought Tony Jr. was a much more capable crew chief… so why not just simply keep the more capable crew chief AND add the extra support? Only logical answer is that Rick wanted the team to fail so he could break up the two Juniors and then have more control over Dale Jr.!

I think it’ll be fun to listen to the Tony Eurey Jr. haters try to rationalize THAT logic over in romper room!

If we are to assume Rick had honorable motives in regards to the Juniors, he must’ve thought Tony Jr was way better than Knaus and Letarte, because he has been giving THEM the engineering support all along that he ‘s now only giving to Tony Jr’s replacement! Rick evidently thought only Tony Eurey was capable enough to not need the extra engineering help the other cc’s needed! Gustofson (the #5 team crew chief ) was running the Knaus set-ups, so he was getting all the extra help by proxy – only Tony Eurey was on his own!

Tony Eurey Junior is a great crew chief, and some of us won’t forget that, nor will a lot of us fans of the Juniors forget how Rick treated them!


The opinions expressed here are those of leftturns190, not the 3WA community as a whole. ;)

Dover Truck Race Postponed Till 6PM EST Saturday!!

Hornaday on the pole! :flag:


ChevyTech added this for us to ponder while we’re on the subject


May 30th – Happy Birthday Clint Bowyer!

Randy's Rants

Who is 3WideAlley Member ……. ?

May 28th, 2009

Hi all

well its guess who the 3 wide member is again

I’m female and live about 100 miles from Bristol (honest) i work in an office taking customer orders and setting the driver schedules for the day. I’ve been happily married for 28 years to my wonderful husband,its lucky we both share a love of motor sport, NASCAR is the favorite.

I’ve followed NASCAR from the early 90s and loved watching Rusty Wallace and the late great Dale Earnhardt going head to head at almost every race, i used to laugh at  names like Hut Strickland, Dick Trickle and Lake Speed, oh how i loved but miss those days!

I like so many others kept an eye on the young Dale Earnhardt Jr as he began his career in the Busch series driving for his fathers team,bagging himself back to back championships.

Then the day came when Dale Jr moved up to the cup series, and i was there with hubby to watch him and his dad going at it at Daytona, father saying on the radio “someone should remind that kid who pays the bills and who is boss” After that fateful day in Daytona i stayed loyal to the Earnhardt name and rooted for Jr adding Truex jr,Smoke,Harvick, and now JP Montoya to my list of drivers.

Back to me,i consider myself young at heart,although my age says i should be behaving myself by now,but then i never have done what i’m told, i try to say Hi every day to the members that i have been lucky enough to meet on this forum,in fact some have become very special and dear to me,as one of the original members, i have seen the site evolve and grow,i’m eternally grateful to Leftturns for all the hard work he puts into 3wide and thankful for the opportunity to chat with the other petrol heads that grace these pages

so who am i?


28% got it right!

What a great job by Nutter! I love love love how she tried to throw us off by “I live 100 miles from Bristol, I promise!” LOL That was good stuff! I figured on these “guess who it is” profiles, it’s only fair to leave them up for another day so people can read it again knowing who it was, so I’ll do that when I can.

I put a Randy’s Rant on the main page, – since I figured I’m in the minority with my opinion on that subject, I thought I’d  save you all for having to look at it all day – but check it out if you like! lol


Thanks again to JJ3Peat for the great idea! I have several more lined up already, those of you who haven’t done one up yet, send it in!

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Fantasy League Standings Week 12 – Coca-Cola 600 At Lowes

May 27th, 2009


Full results for Season One Week #12 here!


High scores among our member were Yotameister with 421 and Moe with 407… bringing her REAL close to a top ten finish in our league! Go Moe!

Don’t forget to join the Fantasy League for Season 2

We have another league too, but I’d encourage those who aren’t “Fantasy Pros” to consider hard before joining, cause it might confuse some due to the fact that it’s very similar, but different from the main league. All are welcome, even if you’re new, but no complaining if having the two different formats messes you up! LOL

If you’d like to join the second league, let me know and I’ll send you the link!

We’ll have another member bio post tomorrow, unless there’s “breaking news”, so make sure to read it!

Rocketgirl39 made a Ryan Newman profile/bio, check it out!

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David Ruitimann Gets his First Win In The Water-Logged 600 At Lowes

May 26th, 2009

Congratulations to David Ruitimann and his fans for getting his first NASCAR Sprint Cup win in the Coco-Cola 600 at Lowes Motor Speedway. This is also the first Cup win for Michael Waltrip Racing, and the first Toyota win in the Cup series by a driver not employed by Joe Gibbs.

After being completely rained out on Sunday, the scheduled start, the race started at noon EST and was called after NASCAR determined that further effort was unwarranted. Some of us feel like they should stick to it till they get the whole thing in, especially when there was still daylight and lights on the track. JJ3peat has a poll in the right side bar for that, so place your vote!

The Nation-wide moment of silence requested by the President (not ordered as Fox reported) was very special. NASCAR red flagged the race and it was a very poignant moment as all the drivers, teams and fans joined the rest of the Nation in a moment of silence honoring our servicemen and especially those who died for their country.

God bless our troops and their families!

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Let’s try this again: Coca-Cola 600 At Lowes On Memorial Day!

May 25th, 2009


God bless our servicemen and women and those who have given their lives for our freedoms!


Well round two! Let’s hope the rain doesn’t get us again, not cut the race short and leave us with a goofy ending. Do your no rain dances and have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!

The race starts at noon EST on Fox!



NASCAR Cup Coca-Cola 600 At Lowes Memorial Weekend

May 24th, 2009

I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. I know none of you are forgetting what the holiday is all about, and on behalf of the grateful members of 3WideAlley, I would  like thank all of our servicemen everywhere, serving past or present for their contributions and service to our country.

God bless you all! :flag2:

Race coverage starts on Fox at 5PM EST, hope to see you all here for race chat in our NASCAR Forum!


PS. 72% of us guessed correctly that it was Chevytech in the anonymous bio. At least a couple of us voted for Digger or someone else cause we had an advantage of sorts, so I’d say people on 3WA know him pretty well! More bios are coming in, so send yours too if you haven’t already!

PSS. Today’s poll is brought to you by JJ3Peat!

leftturns190 Member ….. ChevyTech!

May 22nd, 2009

OK, if you guessed ChevyTech, you guessed right! 69% of you guessed correctly!

Thanks for the idea, Chevytech, and the willingness to go first! Anyone else who wants to do a profile, anonymous or otherwise, just email it to me!


I’m Not saying who I am you have to guess by voting on today’s poll!!!!!!!!!

As you may be able to tell I like Chevy’s. I was hatched just outside of Cleveland but moved at an early age.  I got my start in auto mechanics at a corner gas station and learned my trade at Bergen County Vocational Technical High School in Hackensack NJ . My first racing interests were drag racing. I spend many weekends at Englishtown Raceway. I built my own motors and would spend many hours with a Dermal Tool polishing my cylinder heads just trying to get a little more power. Our local Auto Parts store had a machine shop that we would take our brake drums to have turned and made friends with the Old Guy in the back as they called him LOL well Tony took me under his wing and taught me about Line boring a block, bore and stroking an engine, port and polishing heads and CCing heads etc. Now I know I may have just lost a lot of ya with all that so let’s just say “Go Fast Motors” It all worked out great for him he got coffee breaks and I got educated and his work done. Our family had spent some Christmas vacations in the sun and fun of Daytona and in 1974 I married the greatest woman in the world and in that same year we decided enough of winters and snow and we said “Lets move away from here” (Jed Clampett theme song here) “Daytona here we come.” In 1979 we had our first son and 1984 our second. (2 reasons for reseeding hair line) When we first moved here I went to work at a small machine shop and the owner was best friend with Smokey Yunick which started my interest in Nascar and would do some work for a few teams. During that time we met drivers and crew chiefs and would get into the garage area at the Speedway most any time. After the owner passed away I went to work at several Chevy dealerships and have done anything from being a Line tech to Service Manager until opening my own repair and machine shop. I’m retired now and enjoying the Florida sunshine. I do enjoy hockey, rock and roll, Biniki watching and going to the Daytona Cubs games. As far as a favorite driver that’s hard to pick because I admire them all for their devotion and skills but will admit the racing in the 70s and 80s is hard to beat. And I must thank everyone at 3Wide for keeping me busy otherwise I would be another old guy driving slow, hold up traffic and getting honked at by the locals here in town. I swear that was Fsh8Bait that was bump drafting me the other day!!!!!

by Guess who?

You’ll have to guess who is! Place your vote in the poll in the sidebar! Today’s a NASCAR day off, so have fun with race chat in our NASCAR forum!

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Sprint Cup Coca-Cola 600 practice & Qual & Carquest 300 practice

May 21st, 2009

Little different this week – practice and qualifying on Thursday, then nothing on Friday, then Happy Hour on Saturday, Race on Sunday night.

Thursday’s schedule

1:00 Nationwide Carquest 300 Practice
3:00 Sprint Cup Coca-Cola 600 Practice
6:00 Nationwide  Carquest 300 Final Practice
7:00 Sprint Cup Coca-Cola 600 Qualifying

JJ3Peat’s idea for member bio’s has worked out great so far! We’ve had four so far and there’s a couple more on the way! Join in and tell us about yourself! ChevyTech had an idea that maybe some could make their bio anonymous, and have a poll where members could guess whose bio it was. See how well we know each other! Anyway, if anyone wantsgive that a try, don’t let any on the board know you’re doing one and let me know you want to be anonymous when I post it!

Don’t forget to join the Fantasy League for Season 2!

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Who Is 3WideAlley Member 55CrownVic?

May 20th, 2009

Hey!  I thought I’d contribute my bio for Lefty to use if he wants to.

I’m 42 yrs old and a NASCAR fan since I was about 5 yrs old.  That was when I attended my first race at Atlanta- the Atlanta 500 in 1972.  AJ Foyt won the race driving the Wood Bros #21 car.  We went to alot of races at Atlanta and Talladega thru the late 1980s.  I saw Dale Earnhardt and Bill Elliott win a bunch on those tracks.  I was a fan of Bobby Allison growing up and I became a Davey Allison fan when I saw him race at Talladega in 1986 in Neil Bonnett’s car.  I really loved Davey and was crushed when he died of head injuries from a helicopter crash in 1993.  I was also a fan of Dale Sr- he was definitely the best driver the sport ever had or ever will have.  I really like Matt Kenseth now and I’ve followed his career since he came to Winston Cup in 2000.  He’s a class guy and a cool hand driver- one of the best.  I’ve always been a Ford fan, but that hasn’t kept me from cheering for drivers who drive other makes- especially Dale Sr, Tim Richmond, Bobby Allison and Neil Bonnett.  I’m married since 1996 and the Dad of two children, girl and boy, who I love more than anything!  I’m also a small town attorney in western NC- our town’s a lot like Mayberry!  I can see Andy Griffith walking into our office as if it were 40 yrs ago.  I really enjoy chatting with everyone on 3wide and I’m very thankful to ‘ol Lefty for putting the site together for all of us.




Important Notice for Fantasy League Season Two: I just realized that I gave a lot of you the link to the wrong league! Someone invited me to their league and I used that one on some invites and in the links on a couple of the pages! Whoops! Anyway, our league is named “3Wideally Forum League” so make sure you’re in that one! You can move your team to our league if you’re in the wrong one -there’s a link in the menu bar on your team page for changing leagues. Email if you need help.

Click here for the correct link to our league.

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