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Fantasy League Results Season Two Week Four

June 30th, 2009

Well, those of you who picked Joey Logano on their fantasy team must’ve been pleased this week! My team was going pretty much the way I’d hoped towards the end, then Shrub took out my A and B driver. So, “get them next week” as they say.

Other regular posters had much better days:

Kountrypapa & crracing had an almost perfect score of 520! Congratulations to both of you!! :hi5:

There were other great scores this week to by regular posters: ggpita scored 476; faerielover scored 452; junie1947 scored 420; karfil scored 415, and didi55 giddy-upped to a ‘lil score of 409! Great job all of you! I’m not sure I know everyone’s id’s on SN, so if I missed any of you who scored over 400 this week, please let me know! Fantasy League Scores Season 2 Week 4


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(^) Happy Birthday Jeff Burton and Martin Truex!! (G)

OK, that was yesterday, sorry guys! Hey, what do you think Shrub got them? I honored them with a place on my fantasy team as my A and B drivers… then Shrub wrecked them! He better have got them something BIG!


Joey Logano Wins His First NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Loudon!

June 29th, 2009

Joey Logano, Joe Gibbs Racing, won his first NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Loudon, New Hampshire, in the rain shortened  Lenox Industrial Tools 301.  Joey was already the youngest driver to win a NASCAR race, in the Nationwide series, and is now the youngest driver to ever win a Cup series race. Congratulations to Joey and his team, especially his crew chief for orchestrating the fuel mileage strategy that got them the win.

Congratulations also to all of the Joey Logano fans! Have a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum!

Happy Birthday Jeff Burton and Martin Truex!!!!!!



NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Lenox Industrial Tools 301 At Louden NH

June 28th, 2009

Sprint Cup racing tomorrow, I hope! Seems all it does is rain at Louden, NH this time of the year. Hopefully, we’ll get the race in, and it won’t be shortened and leave us with a goofy finsih like this race last year. Of course my boy Junior’s car is so bad, maybe that’ll be best for him – he can get a good finish or the win to make up for getting run over by “I wasn’t through my windshield” McMurray last year ruining a great run!

Don’t forget to pick your fantasy teams!

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NASCAR Nationwide Series & Camping World Truck Series Races!

June 27th, 2009

Full day of cars on the track, Cup practice, plus the Truck and Nationwide races!

At New Hampshire Motor Speedway today:

Sprint Cup Series Lenox Industrial Tools 301
Practice: 1st – 9 AM PST; 2nd – 11:30 AM PST

Nationwide Series Camping World RV Sales 200 presented by Turtle Wax
Practice 10 AM EST; Race: 2:30 PM EST – On ABC

At Memphis Motorsports Park 200 presented by O’Reilly Auto Parts
Qualifying: 10 AM EST Race: 5:30 PM EST

All on the Speed Channel except the Nationwide race which is on ABC.

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NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide & Truck Practice & Qualifying!

June 26th, 2009

Practice and qualifying for all three top series today, starting with the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 practiceat noon EST on the Speed Channel.

So far, most of us would like to see NASCAR run a dirt track race once a year! Maybe we should send a 3WA petition to NASCAR! I think it would be one of the biggest draws of the season if they did it! NASCAR should make Smoke the “Dirt Track Czar” and get this thing done! Heck, tear down Fontana and put it there! lol

TGIF to you all! :hi5:

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Anyone Wanna Play In The Dirt???

June 25th, 2009

Several have mentioned it, other than myself, about how cool it’d be if NASCAR hearkened back to it’s roots and put a dirt track on the circuit. I think it’d be a great draw, and would really mix things up like the road courses can. After thinking about it and looking into things more, clearances and other issues would probably make it impracticable to use the COT… just too much to modify, but heck, put them in a late model dirt track car! Between the two road courses, the short tracks, the mile tracks, the cookie cutters and the plate tracks, adding a dirt track would just about cover everything a stock car’s been on, but sandy beaches! Anyway, I’m just curious what you all think. Voice your opinion on the board and vote in the poll on the right sidebar!



Perfect timing to have posted Didi’s bio yesterday! Didn’t even know it was his birthday yesterday when I posted it! 80% of you guess correctly, pretty impressive! I even deleted his reference to loving the mountains!  Thanks for tunring it in, Didi! Great job! I think I’m just about out of bios, and I know a few of you other wanted to do one, so please turn them in so we can put the up!

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Who is Member …….. ?

June 24th, 2009

Who am I

Not really sure myself .  born in northern ??????????  only time outside of this state was when i was in the army in 1974 – 1977 .  Stationed in Georgia and Washington DC .

I  grew up racing motorcycles and go-carts , and visited the  local short track almost every friday night .

I started watching nascar in the mid 80s on TNN .  Talked to my dad and older brother  all the time during any race , about the race .  My step brother worked for Derrick Cope when Derrick won the daytona 500 .

I  really enjoyed Dale Sr .  loved the way he could see the air and drive . I also liked all the drivers  that Dale helped out when they really needed help .  darrell waltrip , mikie , steve park . I still really like darrell ,  although he does go overboard at times .

If i say what i like to do , most of you will guess me right now . i will say , nascar is not my #1 thing to enjoy .  It’s about 4 on the list ,  although i’m on here almost everyday .

I   like ????ing , fishing , ????ing .  I love the (lefty edited out).  I took an early retirement from AT&T ,  not much pay , but i’m free from work , only need a bit extra for gas money like most of us .

My  favorite drivers are , in no particular  order  , Dale jr , Harvick , Tony , Newman , Mikie , Mark Martin ,  and a lot of others .  only a few i really dont care for ,  and some are good drivers . If i say any more , you will guess me too easy .

Thank you Lefty for the fun you bring to my life with this site , I have never enjoyed anything as much   as this place .  Lots of pictures on both picture pages , more news available in one click ,  and the people here , I think im in love with a few , and really like everyone .

Have fun!


We were pretty evenly split in the poll about whether or not there should be a road course race in the Chase. 54% were against it, 46% for it.  In case you guys missed it yesterday, carss2448 is #7 Globally in the Fantasy League game… and #1 in our league! Way to go! :hi5:

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leftturns190 NASCAR Fantasy League Results – Week 3

June 23rd, 2009

Fun race this weekend! That new tire GoodYear made for the track sure seemed to work well.. made for some great racing, and all the teams seemed real pleased. Hope that bodes well for Indy!

FaerieQueen, threewide18 and knightslider are in the Top 10 in our fantasy league – Congratulations to you guys, you’re off to a great start!! :hi5:

There were some great scores this week by some of you! Junie score 423, Karfil 453, Shirley 453, Moe 455, Knightslider 455, and faerie with the high score of the regular posters at a whopping 475!!! Fantastic!!

Update: I didn’t know cars2448’s fantasy league name, so I didn’t list that she’s leading our league! In addition to that, it appears she’s ranked #7 World Wide! Woo Hoo! Congrats!!!! :hi5:

I had an OK week… not as good as I’d hoped. Clint Bowyer’s car was off all day till the very end when pitted late cause he “couldn’t’ drive it anymore”. I thought that was the end of his day when he did that, but he managed to race his way back up to 8th! The restarts at the end were really hurting him – he was no Dale Junior on restarts, and needed the longer runs to make up ground, but 8th was OK, considering where he was the rest of the day. JPM did well, thought he’d do a little better, but 6th isn’t that bad. My big disappointment was with Ron Fellows: He was doing great and running in the top ten at the end of the race, and then got caught up in the same wreck that took out Junior, and ended up finishing right behind him in 27th.  So, it was an “OK” day, but not the big score day I was hoping for.

Fantasy League Results/Standing Season 2, Week 3

Have a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum! crracing came by to say hi, hopefully some of you who havne’t seen him in a while will get to talk with him!



Teenage Girls Screaming With Joy: Kasey Kahne Wins At Sonoma!

June 22nd, 2009

Kasey Kayne, Richard Petty Motorsports,  won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series SaveMart 350 at Infineon Speedway, Sonoma CA. Tony Stewart finished second and Marcos Ambrose finished an impressive 3rd place. Dale Earnhardt Junior had a strong performance cut short by an unfortunate accident late in the race- also taking out my C driver in the Fantasy League, Ron Fellows. Lot’s of you had great fantasy league scores, congrats! I hope one of you can win the game this year!

Some of you must be ranking high in the global standings… send me your ranking if you’re in the Top 100 Globally and I’ll post it with the Fantasy League scores Tuesday!

The poll today comes from Chevytech, please vote in the right sidebar! I was outvoted overwhelmingly, 80% to 20%, about whether dobule file restarts were a good idea at road courses. I love them everywhere else, but after the race, I still haven’t changed my view. They sure made it exciting, though! That’s worth something for sure – as long as it’s not your favorite driver getting taken out by some dolt overdriving their car. lol

Have a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum! I hope all the dad’s had a great Father Day! :hi5:



NNASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race SaveMart 350 At Infineon

June 21st, 2009

Ron Hornaday wins the NASCAR Camping World Series race Copart 200 at the Milwaukee Mile on his Birthday!

Carl Edwards win the NASCAR Nationwide series race NorthernTool 250 at Milwaukee.

NASCAR Cup Series:

Pre race show starts on the Speed Channel at 1:30 EST, on 3:30 EST on TNT. Race coverage starts at 5PM EST on TNT. I’m interested to see how the double file restarts work out on a road course!

Hope to see you all here for race chat in out NASCAR forum!


Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s – especially those away from their families protecting our butts so we can enjoy our NASCAR race today!

:usmc: :army: :guard: :navy: :usaf: :c47:

God Bless!