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NASCAR Sprint Cup & NW Practice, Cup Qualifying!

July 31st, 2009

Lot’s of race cars on the track today!  Cup practice starts at 12PM EST, Cup qualifying at 3:30 PM.

See you all here!! :hi5:



Who is Member Leisure40?

July 30th, 2009

Hey 3WA!

This is my bio. It is in 2 parts-LOL

I grew up in the United States of American somewhere between the Pacific and the Atlantic. I got into racing at the age of 14 while being a crew chief (well kind of) for my older brother while he was drag racing his 1958 belair. At 17 years old I got into the racing scene for myself and started to drag race at the local track where I lived, Winning a few and losing a lot with my fathers car that I borrowed for the night. Later on I got my own car and started to race it with the motor that was in it, a stock chevy 350 Cubic inch motor until I blew it up, Then I got into the rebuilding part of my career and started to build high HP motors and continued to drag race for the next few years until I grew out of it (well a little anyway). A local car owner had a 67 camaro that he had built for the strip only . Build to the max with over 700 hp, He had me race it for him. All I did was do the driving which was a blast, show up at the track and drive a very fast car for 9 seconds a few times a night. After that I got into the dirt track racing, built my own car and drove it until they came out with all the safety regulations, and fire suits and all, and then retired from the racing scene, because the life insurance I had was not valid if I was racing, although I loved it.

part 2
First off I would like to thank Lefty for giving us this great place to go and relax, laugh, tell jokes and stories with people all over the world, I have met people on here that are very good friends, which I never would have done if not for Lefty, and his wife( for putting up with him and our stuff). I am Leisure if you did not guess. I am 52 years old( yep old) I am Married and have 3 daughters, and 5 grandkids, whom I love very dearly. I grew up in Iowa, and now I live in Kansas City and own my own bussiness as a tile contractor. I have been in the tile bussiness for over 35 years and do a lot of custom tile work and designing. I have followed Nascar since I was 15 years of age. I still love to get into the car and just drive. My favorite driver was and still is Dale Earnhart Sr. He will always be my favorite driver, even though he has passed away. Among the other drivers I like are Dale Jr, Tony Stewart, and Mark Martin. I love the stories about old time race drivers such as Tim Richmond, Marty Robbins, Richard Petty, Bonnet, just to name a few. They are what made Nascar and racing what is is today. My heart goes out to the drivers of the cars that gave there lives for us, the fans to be able to watch a great race on a weekend, and although there are a few drivers I do not like, They all are sacrificing there time and risking there lives for us to be able to watch them. Ok enough about me-Lets go racing boys and girls——-Stay safe and happy all of you, and catch you on the boards. Also I do not want to forget the men and women who have given there lives and who are risking there lives to make our world a better and safer place to live, all Over the world


leftturns190 Fantasy League Results Season 2 Week 7

July 29th, 2009

Faerielover, KountryPapa and Cars2448 are holding strong in the top ten in 3rd, 5th and 9th respectively. Great job guys! :hi5:

Ghostdog received the highest score of the regular posters at 439, followed by Fish8Bait at 428, Kountrypapa at 426, Lone Star at 417, my boy RonTheDog at 416 and Catchevy at 401! Great scores you guys!  (Y)

This is my first race where at least two of my three drivers didn’t wreck – in fact none of them wrecked! Woo Hoo! However, I didn’t get the score I was hoping for though – not bad, but not enough for what I needed to get back in the game. So, I’ll just keep trudging away and hope it’s not too embarrassing by the end of the game. ;)

I hope you all have a great day in our NASCAR forum!



Montoya Too Fast: Jimmie Johnson Wins The Brickyard 400

July 27th, 2009

After dominating most of the race, Juan Pablo Montoya got busted speeding on pit road and was forced to come back down pit road putting him back to 12th. Due to the tire/aero characteristics of the COT at Indy, it was very difficult to pass, even if you were much faster than the car ahead of you, so the penalty effectively ended JPM’s chances for the win.

It was a heart breaker for JPM, but a great break for Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin who battled each other to the finish with Johnson prevailing for the win. Congratulations to the #48 team and their fans! :hi5:

Goodyear gave the teams a tire that would last a fuel run, but with the lack of passing, the race wasn’t all that exciting. Perhaps the “heat races” last year with the tires that only lasted 20 laps weren’t so bad after all! ;)

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!


Fantasy League Update:

Sporting News was updating their site over the weekend and apparently it has them behind schedule. At this time, the scores for the last race are still showing zero, so I cannot do the page for Fantasy scores right now.


NASCAR Sprint Cup Brickyard 400 At Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

July 26th, 2009


Race coverage starts at 2PM EST! Hope to see you all here! :hi5:



NASCAR Spint Cup Practice & Nationwide Practice & Race!

July 25th, 2009

NASCAR Sprint Cup practice and Nationwide Series race at the Brickyard today. Teh NW race is at 8:00 PM EST, check the right side bar for practice and qualifying schedules.

Nice crowd today! Hope tomorrow’s just as good! It was fun!

Have a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



Stock Cars On The Track At The Brickyard!

July 24th, 2009

Well, after a two week drought of cup racing, we’ll have Cup cars on the track at Indy today. Practice starts at 2PM EST – Hope to see you all here! The media is reporting that DeWalt is “Dumping” Matt Kenseth – implying that he just isn’t worth it anymore – appears that it’s simply that they’re getting out of the NASCAR game for a while, nothing to do with Kenseth personally. Mayfield says he’s coming to Indy – would be interesting if he does, but I doubt we’ll be seeing him there.

Anyway, this NASCAR “bye” week has been real slow! I hope we see some of you back today! We’ve been operating on a skeleton screw! :-O

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



Who Is Member KoutryPapa?

July 22nd, 2009

Hi 3wide friends. Here is my bio. Even though it is short, can you guess who I am?

I am in my late 50’s and live in some people’s definition of a ‘Horrible place in the winter’. I have lived here for most of my life, although not my early years. I do things outside in the winter that most people would think are crazy for a person my age. Some of my best friends are of the 4 legged variety. I have a nice spread to call my own, and am a Grandfather 5 times over, so far. My favorite activities are my outdoor hobbies, watching Nascar ( of course ), and watching pro sports. I have been a Jr. high, and Sr high school football coach in the past and I love showing kids the joy of the game. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter who are all grown up and moved out. My employment keeps me busy during the daytime hrs, but my evening hrs are mine to enjoy. I am a great cook and BBQ on my deck 12 months out of the year. Some of my favorite foods to grill are ribs, sausage, salmon, and veggies. And yes, when I grill I love to partake in the national beverage of my heritage.

My favorite drivers are mostly big names, and I have had the great opportunity to to meet Bill Elliot at his own little restaurant in Dawsonville Georgia, and actually sit down with him for the afternoon. My favorite race tracks are Michigan, Lowes, and The Glen.

Well that’s it friends. For those of you who have talked to me a lot, this should be a piece of cake to figure out who I am.

Have fun.

71% guessed correctly that it was KountryPapa! :hi5:


Country Music Star Succeeds As Cup Driver?

July 20th, 2009

Maybe it’s inconceivable today, but four decades ago one of country music’s biggest stars did exactly that. Marty Robbins not only qualified for what was then the NASCAR Grand National and Winston Cup series, but he led races and scored six top-10 finishes, including a fifth. He accomplished this in 35 races. Today, many Cup drivers never score a top-five finish and, to many, a top 10 is a cause for a party.

As a musician and songwriter, Marty Robbins had almost 100 songs that made the country charts. More than a dozen made it to No. 1. His first No. 1 in 1956, was Singing the Blues. And it stayed at the top of the charts for 13 weeks. Several of his albums crossed over into the Pop charts top 10. He won three Grammy Awards. Robbins was the first country artist to simultaneously have all top three hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart. For old-time country music fans, Robbins is best known for his hits: “El Paso,” “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife,” and “A White Sport Coat.” “El Paso” has been done by artists ranging from the Grateful Dead to the Rolling Stones. “El Paso” was the first country song to both win a Grammy Award and make it to the No. 1 on the Pop charts.

Robbins won the Grammy Award for the Best Country & Western Recording 1961, for his follow-up album “More Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs,” and also scored a Grammy Best Country Song in 1970, for “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife.” Robbins was named “Artist of the Decade” (1960-69) by the Academy of Country Music, was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1982, and was given a Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1998 for his song “El Paso.” He had a total of more than 30 Number 1 country hits. In addition to racing and singing, Robbins appeared in several movies, including the forgettable racing film Hell on Wheels. But racing may have been his first love.

Top 10
Robbins entered his first NASCAR Grand National (now Sprint Cup) event in 1966. Between then and 1982—a month before he died—Robbins ran 35 races in what was then called the NASCAR Grand National and, later, Winston Cup series. He led two races and scored six top-10 finishes including one fifth place at Michigan in 1974. Today, a driver capable of such performance would make $4 million or more a year. T-shirt and souvenir sales for a country superstar turned race driver might double that. Yet, Robbins sponsored his own car: A purple and yellow monstrosity that couldn’t be missed. Maybe he was colorblind. You couldn’t miss his car: I saw him race at Talladega and Atlanta. In addition, he ran several other races including the long defunct Grand American Series, ARCA and late model sportsman events.

Before, during, and after his NASCAR appearances, Robbins was a regular in late model sportsman competition at the old Nashville Speedway. Legend said he asked for the latest slot on the Opry so he could complete his race at Nashville Speedway. In honor of his dual careers, Robbins’ racing suit is on display in the Ryman Auditorium, the original home of the Opry.

Big Rig
In one of his most memorable races, the spring race at Talladega in 1972, Marty cheated. Understand that cheating was—and is—not unusual in NASCAR. Here are just a few: Richard Petty used an oversized engine to score his 199th win (and maybe others), nitrous oxide bottles have been hidden in frame rails, many started the race with heavy right side wheels so that left side weight balance would be increased after the first stop, others dropped lead shot or mercury from the frame rails once the race started to reduce weight. The big difference: Marty admitted to rigging the restrictor plate so that it opened up during the race. The key was a bit of airplane model glue and wire retainers to prevent the restrictor rings from being digested by the engine. He disqualified himself: Perhaps the only time that’s happened in NASCAR. He said he just wanted to see what it was like to run with Petty, David Pearson and Bobby Allison.

In 1971, he competed in seven races with his best finish a seventh-place performance in the Southern 500 at Darlington. The next year, he had an eighth-place finish in the Miller High Life 500 at Ontario, Calif., and a ninth in the Southern 500.

Most of Robbins’s Cup career occurred after he had heart by-pass surgery. He said racing was relaxing compared to performing at the Grand Ol’ Opry. His last Winston Cup race was on Nov. 7, 1982. He died a month later on Dec. 8, 1982, following a heart attack. He was 57. What a way to go out!


Wow, great Story Leisure! I’m rebuilding my computer, so I might not be on much today, but you all have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum and I’ll catch you when I can!



Music Biography Marty Robbins


Harvick Wins As Truck Owner, Out Of Gas As An Owner/Driver

July 19th, 2009

Kevin Harvick Inc. won the Truck Series race at Kentucky, but threw away the Nationwide Series race at Gateway by running out of gas in a car that led the most laps in the race, costing Harvick a great chance for the win which went to Kyle Busch.  Congratulations to Ron Hornaday for the Truck series win.

The ARCA Series race had the most exciting finish of the the three, with Parker Kligerman beating out Grant Enfinger after several laps of side by side dueling to the checkers.

Nationwide Series Results

Truck Series Results

ARCA Series Results

Have a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum!