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Crikey! Kangaroo Man Hops Last Corner Giving Edwards The Win!

August 31st, 2009

Carl Edwards wins the Nationwide Series NAPA Auto Parts 200 with last lap pass!

After dominating the field for almost the entire race, Marcos Ambrose lost the lead on the last corner of the last lap after committing his first mental error of the day. Coming into turn 14, Ambrose cut the corner and hopped the curb, giving Carl Edwards, who was hard on his bumper, the opportunity to get by. Carl kept the pressure on Marcos the last couple laps, it was hard to tell whether Carl had stepped it up, or if Marcos had slowed the pace down playing it safe on the wet track. So, perhaps it was the slower pace that threw off Marcos’ timing or if it was Carl putting on the pressure! Perhaps it was both!

In any case, it was a great race…. if you threw out all the boring caution laps! This would’ve been a great race to have recorded so you could skip the long and frequent breaks in the action! Congratulations to Carl Edwards fans for a well deserved win!

Unofficial Results at

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Dick Trickle by CFH88

August 29th, 2009

Richard “Dick” Trickle born October 27, 1941 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wi. retired American Race Car Driver. He raced for decades around the short tracks of Wisconsin winning many championships along the way. Trickle has competed in many of the National Traveling series across the nation.

In more than an estimated 2,200 races, Trickle has logged one million laps and legend has it that he has won over 1,200 features, although no one has been able to verify this win total. He was billed as the winning-est short track driver in history. Trickle’s career highlights include racing to 67 wins in 1972, winning seven ARTGO Championships in nine years between 1979 to 1987, winning back to back ASA AC-Delco Challenge championships in 1984 and 1985, the 1968 USAC Stock Car rookie of the year, and winning the 1989 NASCAR Rookie of the year award in what was then called the Winston Cup (now Sprint Cup). Trickle was nicknamed the “White Knight” as referenced by his sponsored SuperAmerica paint scheme, when he raced in Wisconsin.

Trickle worked part time at the shop to “earn a nickel or dime,” Trickle said.  “At that age, it was mostly sweeping the shop, but I started to play with the welder and soon I could make an arc and then weld. I started junking machinery. I save some things getting a head start for when I would go racing at 16. I didn’t have any money, but I had this pile of stuff to build a race car with. It was a hope chest.

Trickle’s raced at over 100 events each year for over 15 years. He was racing at Tomah-Sparta Speedway when Francis Kelly noticed that Trickle was always in contention for winning the races, but he lost a lot of them because he had junky motors. One day Kelly approached Trickle and asked him what it would cost for Trickle to win. Trickle told him a new motor; Kelly asked Trickle to compile a list of parts that he needed. When Kelly asked who would assemble the motor, Trickle responded that he could but he was a junkyard mechanic. Trickle suggested that Alan Kulwicki’s father Jerry Kulwicki, who was building motors for Norm Nelsons’s USAC stock cars, should build the engine.

A big turning point in Trickle’s career happened at the National Short Track Championship race at Rockford Speedway in 1966. Trickle said, “The cars in that area were fancier and looked like they were ahead of us. They didn’t treat us bad, but they sort of giggled at us kids with the rat cars. After two days, they look differently at those rat cars. I won and pocketed $1,645. Before, I questioned spending the money to travel that far, but if you could win, that was a different story.” Trickle started the 1967 season by winning at State Park Speedway and ended the season with 25 feature victories including wins at Wisconsin Dells Speedway (now Dells Raceway Park) and Golden Sands Speedway (near Wisconsin Rapids).

In 1989 Trickle made his full schedule debut driving the #84 Miller High Life Buick for Stavola Brothers Racing.  He never won a Cup race and only 2 Busch series races.

One of the few drivers who smoked cigarettes during cautions, had  lighters in his stock cars.

Sources: Me, My Dads stories and Wikipedia and NASCAR

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Camping World Truck Series & ARCA Races!

August 28th, 2009

This is the only stock car racing this week, aside from the NW race on Sunday, so get your fix in! Cup is off this weeks!

I complained a little about not having any stories from people, and BAM, I got several the next day! Thanks everyone! Nutter sent in some cool quotes, so I’m going to include them below. Any story related to the site or NASCAR would be appreciated by all I’m sure! I think even some personal stories would be great.. the bios went over well. A member was talking about their grandparent who recently passed, and got me thinking about how most would enjoy stories/bios about people like that too, so if you have stories to share, share ’em!

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Happy Thursday! Submit Your Interesting News Stories!

August 27th, 2009

Well, the only racing today is the Camping World East Series on Speed at 3PM EST. The race tape delay, and usually lasts an hour. This one’s at the road course at Lime Rock – should be fun!

Besides everything that we’ve talked to death (not that that would keep me from talking about it even more), like who’s going to make the Chase and who’s going where next year, there’s not much to report, NASCAR wise. So, if you find any interesting news stories, copy and past them, or post a link to them! Lot’s of you you find real good stuff, so share!

Most of you know Yooper. She’s doing fine, but is a little bored. She said she’s available on IM and FM, so drop her a note if you can, I’m sure she’d appreciate it! (Y)

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leftturns190 Fantasy League Results Season 2 Week 11

August 25th, 2009

Peace6 fell a spot to third, but still holds the high spot for the 3WA posters in the Fantasy League. His raw score is right up there with the leader, so it wouldn’t take much for him to move into the top spot! Keep at it Peace!  (Y)

Faerielover and cars2448 are in the top ten and looking good! Kountrypapa is making moves to get back into the Top Ten also! Anything can happen the last couple races, so we have a great chance of getting one of our members winning the league! Fish8bait, Catchevy31, Red_m and Junie1947 (who claims she can’t play the game ;) ) are within striking distance of a Top Ten finish or more too! :hi5:

CFH88 had the only 400+ score this week, 433! Congrats! You out picked us all this week! :cfh:

I had a really good feeling about Junior here. Even when he was at his worst, I thought his team could still give him a decent enough car here where he could maybe even pull off a win. In practice, he looked great! However, he started off with a poor qualifying run. Then, his team wasn’t able to keep up with the changes in the  track as the race went on, and he ended up even getting passed by his teammate Jimmie Johnson – even though Junior has been more than twice as good as Johnson here historically (Juniors 5 year track average is the best of all current drivers in Cup). Even though the 48 had to restart from the back twice in the last 50 laps, Jimmie still passed Junior! Grrr! Not what you’d expect from Junior here! So, he didn’t get the Top 5 I’d counted on, or the win I’d hoped for, but at least he finished in the Top 9 and it wasn’t another embarrassment.

That’s pretty much how my fantasy team went this week – I ended up with 311. However, this was the weakest team of the season for me – certainly not because of Junior, but I had to use Menard here, and my C driver, Aric Almirola, messed up on his qualifying run and didn’t make the race. I went with Regan Smith, who I thought would do respectable, but finished a little worse than I thought he would in 27th. So, my big loss was with Junior and Smith –  Menard actually finished slightly better than I thought.

So, no more great teams left for me, but no more real bad one either, so maybe I can manage to not finish last in the league. ;)

Tell us how your day went and why you picked who you did and if they matched your expectations or not!

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Fantasy League Results Week 11


Kyle Busch Wins The Sharpie 500 At Bristol

August 24th, 2009

Congratulations to Kyle Busch fans for his win at Bristol in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series Saturday night. His win brought him within striking distance of making it back into the Chase. He now has two more races and 35 points to make up on the 12th place driver – currently Matt Kenseth.

It was a rough weekend for Clint Bowyer, who was hoping to make the Chase. After running in the Top ten or better, he was involved in a late incident and finished 21st, leaving him over a 100 points out of the chase… tough to make up in just two races!

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NASCAR Saftey Procedures by Leisure40

August 21st, 2009


Born in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, March 26, 1976, and Died October 4, 2001. At the young age of 25. 1996 Rookie of the year.  He started racin Go Karts at the age of 12 and won the World Karting East Championship in 1992 at the age of 18. Three years later he moved to Moorsville, N.C., to further his racing career. He became the rookie of the year in the ARCA Series one year later. In 1997, he started racing in the Busch Series and the Craftsman Truck Series, only finishing in the top 10 in the Busch Series 2 times. He then moved back to the ARCA Series to get more Experience. On October 4, 2001, At Lowes Motor Speedway, he was racing Kerry Earnhardt, for the lead, when the 2 of them touched sending Earnhardt in the infield upside down and himself into the outside wall head on. 25 minutes later he was pronounced dead at the infield care center, dying for massive head injuries and a skull fracture.

Who you ask. The young mans name was Blaise Alexander. His Best Friend was Kerry Earnhardt, the car he got tangled with. He was also a very close friend to Jimmy Johnson, who was a rookie in the Busch Series. Jimmy Johnson dedicated his first Cup win to the memory of Blaise, and still to this day supports the charities that Blaise started and still shows up at different events when he is near the Pennsylvania area, and honors his memory.

Blaise was the 6th driver in 2 years to die from massive head trauma. Among him were greats like Adam Petty, Tony Roper, Kenny Irwin Jr., and Dale Earnhardt Sr. His accident finally put a mandatory order to use the HANS devise, and also stepped up the research of the outside safer barrier walls used today. For more information on Blaise Alexander you can Google his name and the video of the crash will be there.

OK Now for the why at the start. Why do so many great driver have to die or be is serious crashes before NASCAR decides it is time to do something. Items being used, such as the HANS devise, Safer Barrier walls(Outside), better support in the cars and outside the cars, and the inside Safer Barrier walls because of the violent crash of Jeff Gordon?


NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol – Sharpie 500

Pre-race coverage starts at 4:30 PM EST on the Speed Channel. The Race starts on ESPN at 7:30 PM EST. Be sure to check Chevytech’s schedule in the right side bar for all the other practice/qualifying times!

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Knightslider’s Race Report for Michigan!

August 19th, 2009

Well my race day started at 3:00 am.  Finished loading up the family truckster. Made my pit stop before leaving town.  Only bad part was “I” was the pit crew…  Picked up my friends one which travels from Kansas to go to the race with us.  Then we drove up to Coldwater Mi. Where we met up with an old co-worker & friend who had just gotten back from a 2 year stint in Afghanistan.  Made our final leg of the trip and got to the track and was parked by 8:00 am.  We set up our tailgate party and commenced to start enjoying the day.  We have our own little spin on corn hole.  We throw 3 inch flat washers at a very much smaller board but the point system is the same.  I cooked our traditional breakfast that is a sausage & hash brown sandwich.

About 10:00 am we made our trek up to the pre race festivities outside the track.  Visited a lot of trailers and tents set up.  Got some good pictures of the cars outside of the track.  One of which was the new JR. Camaro. It was white with orange and black pinstripe and JR. insignia on the fender.  I WANT ONE…  We walked back to our spot and got around for the race.

After all the pre race activities and the cars started to take the track things started looking a little bleak.  Rain started to spit on us as the cars did their parade laps and you could see rain to the south west.  They were able to get the start and run 8 laps before it got to the track.  Then there was a 30 minute Red flag but the track really never got that wet. After the cars took the track again it started getting HOT.  Before the rain the wind was keeping things bearable but after the clouds moved to the east and the sun started baking us that’s when the racing got good.  There were com’ers and go’ers all day but the car that impessed me for the day was the 88 Amp machine.  The last 30 laps that car was moving.  With about 7 to go he just held his position  because Mcgrew told him everyone in front of him would run out of fuel.  But that wasn’t the case he still got a solid top 5 finish and I think thing will start geting better for him.  As for race winner Brian Vickers this is one race he deserved to win his car was good all day and with the year he’s having I don’t think the guys in the top 12 have to worry about K.B. it’s Vickers having the better runs right now.  The 18 was never really a contender all day and the 2 car got serious damage with the contact with the 6 car.  With all that said this was probably the best Michigan race I have been to in a while.  A lot of good racing all day.  Alot of  3 & 4 wide racing all day.  A good end to my live races this year.

After the race we retreated to the truckster and cooked hamburgers & brauts and played “washerboard” as we call it.  And watched the traffic line up.  We ate, relaxed and when the traffic cleared out we packed up, loaded up and made our way out.  After dropping everyone off at their homes and saying our good byes I drove home,when I pulled into my driveway it was 11:30 pm.  A very long but rewarding day.  Now the countdown for 2010 Bristol race begins…..And one more tidbit of info from the Michigan Speedway.  Ticket prices for next years race are dropping, some up to 60% AND they are reducing the seating capacity and widening the seats.  New seating capacity for the grandstand and bleacher seats will be 119,000 I hope some of the other tracks will soon follow……..Well that’s my race report I hope I wasn’t too long winded or just down right boring. If you did fall asleep reading this article WAKE UP! :-D


leftturns190 Fantasy League Results Season 2 Week 10

August 18th, 2009

Peace6 and Faerielover are still holding strong in the Top Ten, in 3rd and 4th. (note CR moved a team there temporarly from another league, but he’s moving it out again soon. Congrats though CR, it’s doing great!). Fish, Red and Kountry are still hovering in the Top 20, so they might make a run for it too.. or maybe even someone back further! Faerie has some good drivers left, so it looks like she has a good chance of getting the #1 spot!

Our friend Kevdog scored 470 in the league; Re_M 453; CFH 442; catchevy 417.


Fantasy League Results


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Brian Vickers Wins The Carfax 400 At Michigan

August 17th, 2009

Congratulations to Brian Vickers for his win at Michigan Sunday. He was fast, and still did a great job saving fuel. Jimmie Johnson ran out of fuel leading the race…. again! The brilliant Chad Knaus might have a chink in his armor after all: fuel mileage calculations! :trophy:

A pretty good race weekend over all! Dale Earnhardt Junior ran pretty well all day, for a change, and was a big threat for the win being the the first driver who could go all the way on fuel… for sure. Junior’s Nationwide series driver gave us on of the most exciting finishes of the season on Saturday, when he passed Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers on the last lap for the win! Hopefully these are good omens for Junior fans!

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