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Speedy’s Race Report For Phoenix!

November 27th, 2009

Spdfrk’s Phoenix Fun — the track is actually tucked in the foothills of the Estrella Mountains in Avondale/Goodyear.  There is always a TON going on at the track & usually I’m right in the middle of all of it, camera going full throttle & speeding up & down & speeding all over.  This year, however, we opted to use the infield tickets & hang out at our friend’s motorhome (& on top of it, as well).  Situated on the back stretch, we were able to get an unobstructed view of the part of the track we rarely see & some great shots of drivers during intros.  The friends & families of the drivers have their motorhomes nearby, so pretty different perspective than being in the stands or even the handicapped section (from hubby’s wheelchair experience 2 yrs ago).  And from on top of the motorhome, you can see for miles!  The track is just the tiniest hair over a mile, & is considered schizo — it is short, it is itermediate, the dog leg gives it a “road” component & it’s flat.  So, finally having a height advantage, I was able to take that all in for once ;)  For a little while, it looked as though we were all but forgotten in the Valley of the Sun, but sure enough, come time for the green flag, the stands were packed & Rattlesnake Hill was abuzz with those who brave the dirt.  Having threatened rain all weekend, the weather decided it would NOT be funny, after all, to rain out a race in the drought-ridden desert, & cooperated quite nicely.  Although not a shorts day for this desert ‘kat, it was beautiful & sunny & almost warm.  Typically very windy at the track for both the April & November races, we were even fortunate enough to be spared the blowing dirt & dust with just light breezes happening by now & then.

Before the green flag came down, however, we did run (literally) up to the goodies trailers to spend some scarce spare change.  Normally there are several trailers for the top drivers & for the general goodies (NASCAR, the manufacturers, etc) — not this time.  Just one a piece & it seemed some were even missing.  I also noted that while making purchases at certain trailers, they were pushing hard to make additional merchandise sales — never had that happen before.  I have to say the only trailer that I had to wait in line for was indeed the Jimmie Johnson trailer — hopefully I have photos.  I did jump up & down shouting 3 Wide Alley Rocks!!! into some camera, but not sure what it was for.  There were a few others that were about half as busy, like Tony, Jr, the NASCAR general merchandise & Digger (ugh!!!) trailers, but the rest were desolate.  Hopefully, that will improve by next year.

In any case, we had a blast & I didn’t even fall off the top of the motor home.  Not even jumping up & down crazy when Jimmie won! ;)  Jimmie has always been great in Phoenix, but I never seem to be there when he pulls off an actual win — so it was great to witness it for once & see him recover from the horror that was Texas & head into Homestead on a positive note.  And we all know how that turned out.  ;)

April race is nite race — total blast — BE THERE!  — Speedy

Editor’s note: For the record, there was zero editing of this post! :-P The editor also notes his disappointment that it wasn’t a shorts day. ;-(


Thanksgiving Message From Moe

November 26th, 2009

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Good morning 3wide!!   I just want to wish everyone here a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful  for this year in our own families and our 3wide family.  It seems Karfil and Kountrypapa are getting better each day and we should all be thankful for that and for any other of our 3wide family or our personal family who may be challenged with life altering medical issues.  Let’s also be thankful for any of the new baby additions we have had this past year.  You have so much to be thankful for with happy, healthy children.  And lastly, we should be thankful today for all our armed forces here and abroad who defend our freedoms each and every day and also to our foreign armed forces who help us in that battle.  As we sit at the table today with our families or friends, let us all remember how truly blessed we all are!!


leftturns190 Fantasy League Results Week Ten!

November 25th, 2009

. Fantasy League

Congratulations to Ghostdog for outperforming us all with his 2nd place finish in the Fantasy League! A non member won the league, so I invited him to 3WA – maybe we’ll have a member winning the whole thing after all! lol But Ghostdog is our Champ! Congrats my friend, you were just a few points off winning the league! Well done! :hi5:

Moe55, who came on real strong at the end, finished a mere 3 points behind Ghostdog and came real close to winning the league also! Way to go Moe! :hug

Other top ten finishers were Didi55 in 5th, Leisure40 in 7th and Peace6 in 8th! Great finishes you guys! You all were threats at the end!

Topping those who finished 11th-25th was Karfil, who just missed the top ten coming in 11th from the hospital bed! Go Iron Man! (Y)

The following came in with top 25 finishes: Red 14th; my girl Becca5 18th; Lonestar 19th; tonysgirl 22nd; my boy Ronthedog 24th, and Catchevy 25th. Great finishes for all of you, you played the game well!

The best of the rest was USMC88FAN! Semper Fi my man! :usmc: :flag2:

Top Scores for Week Ten

The top score in the league for week ten was Moe55 with 428! WTG Moe! A teeny bit higher and you woulda won the whole league! (Y)

Next highest was “too little too late leftturns190” at 408. No one else broke the 400 point mark, but Karfil, Peace and Red were close, missing by ten points or less. Congrats!

All of you did very well this season! You can go all the way back to 50th and there’s only about 300 points difference from there to winning the league! Considering you can score 540 points in one race, that’s a pretty tight field! I was doing the math right before week 6, and I figured anyone could easily win the league at that point, even in last place … and I know this, cause I was the guy holding up the last place at the time, or close to it anyway! lol It’s real fun playing against such a large group of good players in our league. I’ve been in other leagues where the person who finished 50th in our league woulda been the winner in theirs! So all of you should be proud of your finish!


Click here for the final Fantasy League Results Page

. Wix Fliters league

The highest finisher in our Wix Filters League among the 3WA family was my boy, “Bloody Brow” Ronthedog, who came in 4th! Congrats little man! He was followed by his sister, Becca5, in 6th. Way to go sweetie! One point behind Becca was NACARNutter in 7th :uk: , followed by leftturns190 8th, The Speedy one :sun: 9th and Fish8mybait  :fish: 10th. Thanks for playing you all!

It was a blast playing with you all in both leagues! Playing with a group who knows their NASCAR makes it a lot of fun! I just wish we were starting the league again next week! Hopefully, next year SN will have the main game back. I think that’s a far superior game that most of you will love. We’ll play both versions if they have them though!

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum and those of you who were in Lone Star’s league please read the note below.



Message from Lone Star

I would like to take a minute and thank all the members who took part in Lone Star Racing for the Chase. A special thanks and congratulation to Junie, who finished 3rd and Karfil who finished 4th. It was a very close race. After last week only 51 points separated the top five teams. So it came down to the last race that was held at Homestead. That is the way a chase should be. Again thanks to all who made it very competitive and again congratulations to Junie and Karfil.

Lone Star :ls:


Four In a Row Champ Crowned While Hamlin Wins Homestead.

November 23rd, 2009

Denny won the last race of the year, but Jimmie Johnson secured his 4th in  row Championship with a 5th place finish. Congratulations to the drivers and fans of both teams! Jimmie’s not a driver who draws the most enthusiasm from the fans, but he and Knaus certainly are an impressive duo! Fan or not, we’re witnessing history in the making! Some of us hope we can put that history in the the history books and move on to another driver now. ;)

Congratulations to you Jimmie fans though – Speedy, Cars2448, Seahawk… the #48 team certainly deserved it, and I was impressed to see they came to race today and not just points race! (Y)

RCR was very impressive today. Three cars in the top ten for most of the day, with Burton finishing 2nd, Harvick 3rd, and Bowyer finishing right out of the top ten in 11th. Hopefully they can carry that momentum over to Daytona!

It was a blast sharing this season with all of you! Thanks for all the fun! I hope most of you will hang around during the off season to discuss what NASCAR will have in store for us next season! If not, hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and we’ll see you for the Daytona 500! :flag:



Media Crowning Jimmie The Champ, But There’s Still 1 More Race!

November 22nd, 2009

The media is engraving Jimmie’s name on the Trophy, but a lot can happen today! In 2005, Mark Martin beat Jimmie by more points than he’ll need to today to win the Championship! There’s so many different scenarios that could happen, blown motor, wrecks, just plain running bad! Mark is pretty good at this track, and Jimmie hasn’t been. I know Jimmie hasn’t always HAD to run well here, and at least a couple years played it safe, but still, if he gets in trouble, it’s not the best track for him to recover at!

In any case, we have a Championship race today, and it should be interesting to the last lap! I would be nice if some of our drivers who haven’t had a win yet this year took the Checkers! Burton practiced fast, Harvick’s good here, Biffle’s REAL good here! Who knows, maybe even Junior who has had such bad luck here will get some kinda reverse luck this year and do well at one of the tracks he’s always had some of his worst luck at! Then there’s Bowyer,  Truex, and yes Carl, who is excellent here!

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum! Last race of the year.. season went by quickly for us here on 3WA! Hope to see lot’s of you here, and in the off season! :hi5: :hug


:webster: has a little message:

Well the last race of the year will soon be in the record books, but 3wide will still be open 24/7 and I look forward to doing what we have been doing thru the off season. I’m sure there will be plenty of news to talk about to help keep us going till Daytona. I plan on doing more stories and keep counting the Poles. We have built a family that stretches around the world and just because the seasons over we ALL still need to keep track of each other. We are fast approaching the Holiday’s and before some take a few days off to spend time with friends and family the wife and I want to wish everyone the Greatest of Holiday’s and may all of your wishes come true.



The Owner Wins And Hornday Secures Championship For KHI!

November 21st, 2009

Kevin Harvick won the Ford 200 in his Chevy at Homestead Friday night! To make his victory even sweeter, his driver, Ron Hornaday, finished in the top ten, securing the Ownership Championship title in the Truck Series for Kevin Harvick, Inc. ! Congratulation to KHI and their fans! :hi5:

Today is the last Nationwide race of the season, and the Championship is not in doubt, but hopefully we’ll have a fun and entertaining race!

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



Tonysgirl’s Race Report For Texas!

November 18th, 2009

Texas Fall Race 2009 – by Tonysgirl

Since the fall Texas race last weekend was quite boring to me and everyone seen what happened, I figure it’s pointless to give a recap of the race. But lefty wanted a race report so I thought I would let everyone know about my experience outside of the race.

First of all, when everyone talks about the economy hurting NASCAR, they are NOT exaggerating. I remember how crazy packed the Spring race of 2008 was. There were 4 to 5 trailers for each driver, some on both sides of the track. Junior probably had six or seven trailers. Not only that, but the lines were packed at all of them. This time, there was one trailer per driver (some didn’t even have a trailer) and the lines were minimal. Several non-driver trailers were missing all together. I think the official attendance count for Sunday was 167,000 people for Sunday’s race, the lowest in the history at TMS. Last fall was the previous low at 171,000. Also, the pre-race festivities have dwindled to just about nothing but the Speed shows. Also, there was a lot of missing food vendors.

What did surprise me was that the Truck race seemed to have more in attendance than the NW race. It was the first night race I have been to, and I really enjoyed it. The NW race was a lil boring to me. Before the race, Wendy decided to interview a slightly less than sober Kyle Busch fan and she asked him who would win in a contest between Hot Rod and Kyle Busch in a fight. I honestly have no idea who Hot Rod is, but they made a huge deal about him before the race. So, if anyone knows who he is, please let me know. Anyway, after being asked, this fan said something like “Well I have to pick Kyle, ‘cause he would throw his grandma in front of a bus to win a race, and anyone that would do that is my hero and I consider family.” I think even Kyle Busch was embarrassed. He was standing right in front of this guy (right before the anthem) and they showed him on the sprint view trying to act like he wasn’t listening!!!

After the race, we had reservations at the Texas Speedway Club for dinner. We were seated pretty much by ourselves (there were 10 of us) because, oddly enough, the place was pretty much empty. About 10 min into dinner, the hostess sat two people right next to us, which was kinda lame since the whole place was empty. My friend sitting next to me nudged me and whispered, “hey, that’s Jamie Mac.” Well, we had two little more than slightly drunk people in our group…, I’m thinking, wow, this could get a lil embarrassing! AND, the worst part is that they are both sitting on each side of him! So, one of them is star struck and we are trying to get him to not say anything to embarrass us all and the other is pretty much oblivious to everything that’s going on. The good news is that one of the people in our group is wearing a Crown Royal hat because that’s what he drinks, and the “star struck” one thinks he will try to get it signed. Well I start talking football with our waiter to defer the Jamie Mac talk because everyone at our table loves football. I asked our waiter who his team was, which in hind sight wasn’t a smart thing to do since we were in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As soon as he says Dallas, the “oblivious” one screams out really loud “Tony Homo!” I thought Jamie Mac was gonna spit his water all over his date! He started busting up laughing! Our waiter pretended not to hear it and I quickly started talking to him about the shortcomings of the Dallas offense this year, which by the way, our group made fun of me saying I was auditioning for ESPN…hehe! So, the waiter left and Jamie Mac is now turned toward us listening to what we are saying, and the “star struck” one turns to him, hat in hand, and says “Jeremy, can I get your autograph, I mean, uh uh, Jamie, can I get your autograph?” I’m not even kidding! Jamie Mac pretended he didn’t get his name wrong and signed the hat. At this point I think the rest of us are just ready to get out of there, and Jamie Mac’s date is giving us all the evil eye. So we are waiting for the elevator and Jamie Mac and his date walk up and the “star struck” one says, “hey Jeremy, I mean Jamie, can I get my picture taken with you?” Jamie just shakes his head, laughs, and says, “So you’re one of those guys?” ROFLMFAO!!!!!!! At this point, the rest of us just step back and let them have the elevator and waited for the next one….and then of course make fun of the “star struck” one for the next 10 years!

If anyone has ever been to Texas, then they can confirm that one of the biggest parties of year takes place at the camp grounds OUTSIDE of the race track. Not so much fun for most of the girls, but the guys sure enjoyed it. Here’ s what usually happens: the same group of guys every year set up a stripper pole and bring hunting spotlights to shine on it , then they spot light girls in the crowd and the crowd chants for the girl to strip. This year the pole was further down from where it usually is, so the party ended up being guys driving up and down the road with completely topless women of all age and sizes in the back and with other guys throwing beads at them – although I’m not sure why they were throwing them, since the women already had their tops off. Besides that, I did meet some people camping close to us that had a party/wedding tent set up with a hot tub, 2 big screen tv’s, rock band, and guitar hero! That’s was pretty cool!

Sunday morning I stopped by the speed show for a few minutes, but nothing exciting was happening. I didn’t get a schedule of events, so I didn’t know when anything was happening. We decided we wanted to make the ZZ Top concert. It was NOT good. They sounded like they had laryngitis when we could hear them, which wasn’t often, even with headsets on. The coolest part of the pre-race show was when space shuttle pilot Doug Hurley was delivered inside the pace car by a Chinook Helicopter that landed on the infield and he drove the pace car off it. Doug Hurley is a Marine colonel and a season ticket holder to TMS and is also a family member of Greg Zipadelli by marriage.

Finally, I’m not sure how much television time was given to the Fort Hood solders inclusion in the pre-race ceremonies, but 40 Fort Hood soldiers displayed a huge American flag during the national anthem. There was scheduled to be 45, but 5 of the soldiers scheduled to attend were among the injured in the Thursday’s shooting. The U.S. Army logo with the words “God Bless Our Fort Hood Troops” was painted on the infield on Friday morning and a moment of silence was held before the invocation of each race.


Breaking News!!!

Karfil is home!! :hi5:

 Kountrypapa is feeling better!!  :hi5:


leftturns190 Fantasy League Results Week 9!

November 17th, 2009

Ghostdog holds the lead! Good job my friend! It would be great if one of the regular posters won our league! Leisure40 is making a move back up to the front again, and Didi and Moe are strong in the top ten, so go for it at Homestead you guys! :hi5:

There’s several others who are still within striking distance, including my girl who blew a good game so far by putting a driver on her team who wasn’t in the race! :roll: Anyway, anyone who’s in the top 30 or so and gets a good 500+ day has a shot of shooting to the top! So don’t give up yet you all!

So wow – I got the high score of the regular posters at 479. However, I needed about an 800+ day to catch up to last place! lol Next was Moe at 449; Speedy 433; CFH88 412; Lonestar 405 and Catchevy at 403! Good job you guys!

Hope 3WA hangs on next week and one of us wins the league!

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



Jimmie Johnson extends his points lead winning at Phoenix

November 16th, 2009

Jimmy Johnson won the Checker O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 at Phoenix International Raceway, extending his lead over Mark Martin by by 35 points to 108 total. Jeff Gordon, and every other Chaser other than Martin, will be mathematically eliminated once Jimmie Johnson starts the race at Homestead. Mark Martin, however, has a chance if he can win, lead the most laps, and Jimmie Johnson finishes 26th or worse.  That scenario is certainly not out of the realms of possibilities. Mark has an average finish of better than 10th over the last 5 years, while Jimmie has an average finish of almost 18th. Mark should be a strong contender for the win, and if Jimmie has any trouble at all, Mark could be the Champion!

Anyway, congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and his fans, and to his crew chief Chad Knaus of course. It might make some of us grumpy that it looks like they’re going to hog the Championship for a 4th year in a row, but we are indeed witnessing history, and perhaps a few years from now, non Jimmie fans will be glad they were able to witness the event.

Speedy was at the race watching her boy win, so hopefully we can get her to write up a race report on her experiences!

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



KHI Wins Phoenix And The Championship!

November 14th, 2009

Congratulations KHI fans! Keven Harvick wins at Phoenix, and his driver, Ron Hornaday, finishes 4th, far enough ahead of Matt Crafton to clinch the Camping Word Truck Series Championship! :trophy: :flag2:

Kevin is running all three races this weekend: Cup, Nationwide and Trucks. So, perhaps he can do what eluded Kyle Busch last weeked: The Trifecta winning all three top series races in one weekend. (Y)

He won round one, round two is this afternoon in the Nationwide series after Cup practice and NW Qualifying.

Full day of car on the track at Phoenix! Should be fun!

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!