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Knightslider: Bristol Race Report!

March 25th, 2010

Bristol race report

We left home Wednsday morning for our trip south.  After 7 hours of uneventful driving we were in  Tennessee  where me and the Mrs. met my brother.  We had dinner and caught up a little then we said our goodbyes (for 1 day) and we made our way to Bristol. We arrived at the campground around 10:00 pm and set up the camper.  After we had things in their place  we made a late night run to Wal-Mart which is on the north side of the track.  BMS is a sight lit up at night.

Thursday morning my wife’s cousin and her husband pulled in and set up and then the weekend officially started.  We went shopping again during the day. There are a lot of great deals all over Bristol this weekend.  Then in the evening we drove up into southern Virginia to have dinner with one of my very good friends who I lost touch with. Just within the last 2 weeks, I found out where he was living( just 2 hours from Bristol).  We had a great time and really didn’t want that evening to end, but every thing has to end sometime.  Then we drove back to Bristol and did some more late night shopping.

Friday my brother and his friend drove up to go to qualifying with us.  Another good day spent with him. He has never been to anything like that so he was in awe.  All the trailers and stuff going on around the track.  It was a beautiful day at the track.  As always I took some pictures with my phone and sent them to my friends I go to Michigan with to rub in the fact I was at Bristol and they weren’t. ( On Sunday, I called them so they could hear the cars racing.)  I scored another first on my racing scorecard. Seeing Joey win his first pole.  And also the last race with the dreaded wing.

Saturday was another beautiful day.  Sunny and in the middle 60’s.  Was glad to see Brad Keselowski on the pole. The Nationwide race was a great race,  but the end was even better watching Justin Allgaier & Brad Keselowski racing hard the last 30 or so laps for the win.  I was rooting for Brad but was glad to see Justin win his first race.  After the Nationwide race they had a 35 lap race for the legends of Bristol. On a sad note we saw one of the worst crashes that we have witnessed at BMS. Our prayers go out to the Pierson family! Get Well Soon Larry!   Saturday evening my wife finished the sign for me for Sunday.

Sunday morning I got up and got around for my trek across the highway to the Raceday stage.  At 9:15 I started out and was at the stage by 9:30 and the place was packed but was able to get in the middle about 25 feet back from the barrier by the start of the show.  By the halfway point in the show I was up to the barrier right behind John Roberts.  I was one of two people that had signs on a stick so I was able to get my sign up above the others.  Except one tall guy in front of me for a few minutes then I moved over a bit. Kenny Wallace was coming down between commercial breaks and was signing  hats and hard hats and he signed my sign. At that point I had to keep the sign.

The race was good as alwaya. It was cooler than the other days and a little rainy, but they got the whole race in so I was happy.  Just wish Jr. wouldn’t have got the speeding penalty or I think he would have challenged Jimmy for the win. I was glad to see someone other than a Busch win, but I wanted someone other than Jimmy.  After the race we went back and packed up and decided to leave early because of rain coming. We drove up to London Ky. were we spent the night in a hotel instead of the camper in the rain.  Then Monday morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and came home.

It was another great time in Tennessee  but was glad to be back home because we were both missing the kids.  Monday was the twins birthday so we took them and the grandkids out for a birthday dinner.   I don’t know why we do that to ourselves – sometimes 8 kids  vs  2 adults, but in the end we had a good time…..  So that was our weekend I hope you all enjoy.  We did.



:88: Race Postponed until noon Monday!!  :29:

leftturns190 Fantasy League Results – Bristol

March 24th, 2010

Fish8bait vaults to 5th place with a 909 point weekend! Congratulations Fish! :hi5: :fish:

Following Fish in the Top 20 are CRRacing in 10th; my boy RonTheDog in 11th,  USMC88Fan in 12th, LoneStar and leftturns190 tied for 14th; Moe55 in 16th; Icebabe64 in 17th; NASCARNutter in 19th and Peace6 in 20th.

3WideAlley members have been moving to the front! We now hold half the positions in the Top 20! Congratulations you guys! Let’s get some more of our buds up there! (Y)

Finishing out the Top 40 is my girl Becca5 in 24th and Red_M in 33rd! They’re both well within striking distance. This game is a marathon, not a sprint, so even those way back in the field can make a move to the front. There  are still 13 more races to go! It’s not even close to being over yet, so keep at it guys!

3 For All – FaerieLuver is kicking arse in that league, leading the league! Congrats Faerie! :hi5:

However, the rest of us are LAGGING! We need to pick up the pace! I couldn’t find any of us until I got back to Speedy in 37th! :-O

It’s all not as bad as it seems. Looking over the scores, someone back as far as 50th or more could take the lead in one race. But still, 3WA isn’t represented well up front, so I hope we see some movement towards the front soon!

Keep up the good work and have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



Jimmie Wins Again!

March 22nd, 2010

Jimmie Johnson won his first Bristol race and his 3rd race this season. Amazingly, even after winning 3/5ths of the races, he’s still in 3rd place in the points – though only 14 points out of the lead.  Congratulations to Jimmie and his fans! :hi5:

I do hope someone steps up and and gives Jimmie a challenge this year. I don’t think Chad cheats – at least not any more than any other crew chief. I don’t hold their success against them, but if some other teams don’t step up and arise to the challenge, his winning is going to get old.

It was a fun race… REAL glad it didn’t get shortened by rain! There were a lot of unfortunate wrecks and some drivers who would’ve had top 10 finishes had their days ruined. But heck, that’s Bristol! A few drivers managed to turn so-so days into respectable finishes, so there were some good positive stories out of the day too!

So, all of you get to your favorite drivers web site and post a message that we want to see them up there giving Jimmie a challenge!

Have a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



Chevytech: James Hylton

March 19th, 2010

James Hylton (born August 26, 1934) is a part-time race car driver. Raised in Roanoke , Virginia and was one of thirteen children. His early years centered primarily around farming but he soon found himself, like many other southern teenagers, immersed in the world of stock car auto racing. He is a two-time winner in NASCAR and competed part-time in the ARCA RE/MAX Series until 2006, finishing 16th in points. He made headlines while attempting to qualify for the 2007 Daytona 500 at age 72. He was to also attempt to qualify for the 2009 Daytona 500 at age 74 in the #60 Dodge for Carter/Simo Racing, an alliance with E&M Motorsports and Simo Racing for at least the Daytona 500, with Boris Said in the #08 car but after carburetor and ignition problems and without any track practice he was forced to withdraw.

James’s career in auto racing began in the late fifties when he began working as a mechanic for the legendary Rex White. James and Rex and Louis Clements teamed to win 26 races and most importantly the 1960 NASCAR Grand National championship. In 1964, White scaled back his driving duties and James began his tenure as crew chief for the Ned Jarrett / Bondy Long team. During the 1964 season the team won 14 races and finished second in points. In 1965, the team won 12 races and won the NASCAR Grand National championship.

On July 8, 1964, James made his first Grand National start at the Old Dominion 400 at Old Dominion Speedway at Manassas , Virginia . James finished 19th and collected $100 for his efforts. Things improved dramatically in 1966, as Hylton finished second in points and won the coveted NASCAR Rookie of the Year award. James also captured his first pole at Starlite Speedway in Monroe , North Carolina . He again finished second in points during the 1967 season while driving Dodges for owner Bud Hartje. James was a model of consistency during this two year period as he had 46 top five finishes in 87 races.

James won the NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year honors in 1966, and finished second in the season points standings. He won only two races over his career. Although, he only won two races, he was always in the thick of the championship hunt. He finished in the Top 10 in the season points standings in ten of the twelve years between 1966 to 1977.

In the 1972 Talladega 500, James had an interesting win, when Good Year supplied teams with a special tire for super speedways, however the tire shredded after a while, James’s team couldn’t afford the new tires, so they ran with the old ones. Hylton and another low tier driver who also couldn’t afford the tires, skated around the other cars, and James won it by less than a second.

On June 24, 2006, James started his first Busch Series race since June 27, 1982 at the AT&T 250 held at the Milwaukee Mile. This made him the oldest driver to start in a ‘top level’ NASCAR event.

In 1968, James became a car owner / driver, a dual role that continues to this day. James found his way to victory lane for the first time on March 1, 1970 at the Richmond 500, driving the familiar number 48 Ford. During the late sixties and early seventies, James amassed an amazing consistency record that was rivaled only by those of Richard Petty and Cale Yarbrough.

On August 6, 1972, James forever etched his name in the history books by claiming the Talladega 500. Hylton led 106 laps of the 188 lap race and won $24,865 for the day. He won by one car length over ARCA legend Ramo Stott.

James continued driving the full schedule until 1982, when he handed over driving duties to Canadian driver Trevor Boys. James soldiered on as an owner in NASCAR Winston Cup until 1993.

James moved to the ARCA circuit during the 1990s, and ran in 16 of 23 ARCA REMAX Series schedule in 2006. He finished 18th in the final points standings, his final planned race was at the inaugural race at Iowa Speedway, but has since returned, running occasional races.

At the age of 74 James Hylton returned to Daytona to attempt to qualify for the 2009 Daytona 500, he signed on with E&M Motorsports for the 2009 Daytona 500, and possibly a full season run. James attempted to make the 2007 Daytona 500 in equipment leased from Richard Childress Racing, sponsored by GrahamFest and Retirement Living TV.  James said “I am doing this for seniors to show that at 70 years old, you don’t have to go hunting for an old-folks home. You can go race for a little bit.”

In the final practice session for the 2007 Daytona 500 he posted the 15th fastest time of 48.532 sec./185.445 m.p.h. He was in a position to qualify for the Daytona 500 with 10 laps remaining in the qualifier when he was leading, then a caution for a wreck was called and on the re-start he fell out of the draft due to a clutch problem. He did not qualify for the race. It was announced that he was going to attempt several others races in 2007, including the UAW-Ford 500, but these plans did not come to fruition.

Hylton was planning on qualifying his #48 car sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the ARCA race at Rockingham on April 19, 2009, but lost that sponsorship on April 16, 2009, due to ARCA placing a ban on the organization’s logo that contains a version of the Confederate Battle Flag. Since this ban breached the contract already entered into by ARCA and the SCV, the SCV cancelled it’s sponsorship and participation with the race. ARCA was forced to refund the organization’s fees due to the breach of contract. Hylton has since become a member of the SCV.

Hylton plans to attempt the 2010 Daytona 500

“Good Luck” James show these kids us old guys can still “Git-r-done”


ChevyTech: Did you know this about Daytona?

March 16th, 2010

Something to make ya say “I didn’t know that”

At DIS up until about 1981 all the safety trucks were manned by Daytona Beach Life Guards under the direction of a man by the name of Gene Snow. Yes the Safety Trucks that are the first to a crash on the track. They did have a small boat in Turn 2 just in case. The Clean-up Trucks the ones that pick up the pieces and spread the oil dry were and still are manned by the Speedway Maintenance Crew. Pit road safety was headed by the County Fire Marshal Art Wilson, because of the fuel on pit road. In 1982 Robert Vining was put  in charge of all Safety Trucks and Pit Road and are manned by State Certified Firefighter/EMT’s or Paramedics. The Ambulance’s are manned by EMT/Paramedics from the area from Daytona to Orlando . 2 Ambulance’s are parked at Turn 4 the second one carries the County Emergency Medical Director for the County and is on Staff at Halifax Hospital 4 blocks from the Speedway . Nascar is not like the Indy cars or NHRA that the Medical staff doesn’t travel with the series. However a training session takes place weeks before Speedweeks and a safety meeting takes place before each race. If for any reason the Jaw’s need to be used on any car a Nascar official has to be present before and cutting. After 911 a complete Haz-Mat response team with full equipment and Mobile Command Center is Stationed at the near by Airport. If a car were to damage any part of the fence they have a full crew from AAA Fence a local company that has a truck ready with poles, fence for any repairs needed. Funny part is in years past they always had a crew from Halifax Paving also a local company on stand-by but beings they were never needed their stand-by was canceled several years ago. Halifax Paving does come in the day after the 500 with all the heavy equipment and they start tearing up all the grass area in the tri-oval and with loads of dirt build the Motocross track for Bike Week. BTW all the pretty green grass in the tri-oval and the logo’s are painted each night. If ya look at grass in the turns its just the normal brown winter Fla stuff.

Now ya know a little more about Daytona……….



Moe’s Trip Down to Daytona!!

March 11th, 2010

Well after a restless night of sleep, I left my house at 5am on February 5th. I decided to leave a day early because of a bad snow storm heading towards the mid Atlantic states which is the way I was heading.  I was zipping along thru Ohio at a good pace…the temp was in the mid 20’s. At 8am I crossed over the bridge into West Virginia and the temp had risen to the high 30’s and it started to drizzle. About 15-20 miles further, it became a steady rain and the temp went as high as 39. I was beginning to think my leaving a day early was a good decision and I deserved a pat on the back!! Read more…

leftturns190 Fantasy League Week #4 Atlanta

March 9th, 2010

Well, I didn’t think I had that great of a week, but I managed to move up to 4th in the league. From talking to you all on the site, it looks like I wasn’t the only one who got bit at the end of the race with the GWC’s. However, I did manage to pass my boy Ronthedog, who is in 10th.

Followed closely behind us is Peace6 in 11th; Fish8bait in 12th; Lonestar in 14th; CRracing in 17th; USMCFan88 in 18th and Icebabe64 in 19th. Congratulations you guys, you’re doing great! :hi5:

My girl Becca5 is in 21st followed by Moe55 in 22nd. NASCARNutter is in 30th; Red_M in 33rd and CFH88 38th. All of you are one great race away from being up front, so keep up the good work!

This is only week four, so no one’s even close to being out of the game. We have two weeks off, and if you’re back in the pack some, now would be a good time to take a good look at your team and see if you can make some improvements.

A good way to improve your team is to see if you can replace a driver on your team with someone who is performing better at the same cost. Putting a better driver on will help increase the value of your team in addition to getting your team more points.

I looked at some of your teams, and several have a lot of money left to spend. While simply spending all your budget doesn’t mean you’ll have the best team, in theory at least, if you have money left on the table, that’s money that could be getting you more points every week.

A good way to make changes to your team is to identify a driver or two who isn’t performing well in his price range with some who is. Start with your worst performer or two. You might be even able to get a better driver for less money than you’re paying for your underperformer.  Then. once you’ve traded off the baf guys, look and see how much extra money you have, then add that amount to your other drivers and shop the the other buyers to see if you can buy a better driver.

After you’ve completed that process, you should have improved 2-4 positions on your team which should make a huge difference in your performance! (Y)

3 For All League: Congratulations to FaerieLover who took the lead in that league with a great score of 480 points! Congratulations! Hot on her heels is Ronthedog, CFH88 and spdfrk less than 100 points behind! Good luck to everyone in that league! (Y)

Have a great day in race chat in our NASCAR forum!



(^) (^) Happy Birthday to Matt Kenseth (^) (^)



A “Rantica”

March 8th, 2010

Note: this is a personal “Rant”, not a policy statement.

Let me get to the point: Some of you Danica supporters are going to have to suck it up just like every other fan on here has to when someone says something about their driver. This is especially true when the most riled up and vocal Danica supporters have done as much or more of their share of trashing other members’ drivers in the past.

What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander!

Yesterday’s “incident” was set off over an extremely innocuous comment which shouldn’t have touched off such a personal response. Even those of us who support Junior, the most popular driver on this site, have had to endure much more! Think about how our poor Busch brothers fans feel… or Edwards fans!

Fans of all the other drivers have to suck it up, so should you!

And please, let’s drop the “you’re a sexist or a bigot if you don’t like Danica” and then sitting back innocent-like! That is SO out of line and uncalled for! If it was pretty Danny boy instead of Danika, those of us who don’t like Danica would be saying the same dang thing! Most likely we’d say even more since we wouldn’t feel like we’d get stuck with silly labels for doing so! Calling someone a name like that is “fighting words”. So, if you truly don’t want to start a fight, or if you can’t support your charges beyond simply calling names, then don’t go down that path in the first place!

The fact that we’re even discussing that we can’t mention one driver’s name because people will get too upset is too much! I’m not going to stifle my own or anyone else’s opinions on this site because some will get worked up if we do. I don’t get upset over the criticism of one of my drivers, but I do get pretty riled up after being called a “liar, a bigot and a sexist”. If someone’s going to dish out carp like that, they sure shouldn’t act surprised or insulted if they receive a hostile response!

If we all try to follow the wise sage Rock Man’s advice of “make your point and move on” and leave the name calling out of it, things should be just fine. If you’re just trying to start a fight with someone, go ahead and call names! But if you go down that path, please have the integrity to take the halo off first and not act all innocent or victimized when you get the other parties response. ;)

This is a “Rant”, which means it’s my opinion, not some official site policy, so heed what I’ve said as much as you desire. I also should say that though I do get irritated at some of the names I’ve been called lately, I don’t dislike anyone over them. I dislike the name calling, and the innocent act that follows the name calling even less, but that doesn’t mean I dislike them overall. I like most if not all people on this site and can compartmentalize and separate disagreements with the rest of the person. I hope the people I’ve been in disagreements with can do the same.

Sorry I didn’t do a race report. I got out here late with limited time and felt like this needed to be said.

Have a great day!


Randy's Rants

Daytona Report From A Nutter!

March 5th, 2010

I promised LT i would do a race report, but I’ve realized its an impossible task. So, here is my take on the memories I have and will share with you all.

We attended the Budweiser shoot out, the twins, Nationwide and the 500.  Most of my memories of the individual races have molded into one fantastic blur, only a few stand out in my mind, so here goes hope you all enjoy.

The cars sounded so much louder to us this time, I think due to the larger restrictor plate.

The cold! I will never tease Fish again! I make the effort to go to Florida and learn its the coldest winter on record. LOL

We got a rushed sign on TV. We saw Kelly and Kerry Earnhardt being interviewed and I asked a question: “How was Junior feeling in himself and did he have a good handling car for the race?” Kelly said “he was good and feeling very positive”.

Kevin Harvick winning the shootout was cool after such a bad year in 2009 (i knew LT would be happy).

The close finishes in the Duels – wow that was fantastic to witness! I just wished Junior had finished better. Johnson and Kahne both well deserved the wins IMO, so congratulations to both.

The Nationwide race.  We started off by the fence (me, hubby,Fish, Moe Ian and USMC). I got some great pics of Junior in the Hellmanns car. We all spent the race cheering him on and keeping an eye on Danika. She seemed to struggle and dropped to the back, and then got caught up in someone else’s accident. Not long after, my heart missed a beat! Junior was spinning upside down being hit from every angle until the car righted itself and slid towards the infield.  The whole stadium was deadly quiet. Some moments later,  we saw movement and Junior climbing from his wrecked car. OMG the cheer that went up said it all!  He was OK!  We all enjoyed the rest of the race with Smoke taking a good win. Well done to him!

The Cup race was exciting. We got to see a race that’s the longest in Daytona history – starting in bright sunshine and finishing in the dark and cold, due to stoppages for track repairs. Junior took the lead early on in the race and the crowd went wild. There were a few crashes, but never the big one. The biggest memory has to be the move Junior pulled during the last green white checker. I cant help thinking if he had had just one more lap or flipper Edwards had got out of his way earlier, it would have been the 88 celebrating the win and not Mc Murray. But a second place is not to be regretted after his last disastrous season. McMurray spent most of the race in the top ten, so his win was well deserved. Again, congratulations to him.

Sadly, with the 500 over, it meant no more racing to see, so my trip was drawing to a close. It was made all the more enjoyably as I had the chance to meet other 3Wide members and spend time with them. Although short, it was unbelievable!  I have to thank Rick and his family and USMC for travelling long distance for the get together A special thank you to Mr and Mrs Chevytech for a wonderful day and great company, to Bubba for the gifts,  the laughter and the special bond we share. Moe: you also traveled a long way. You made the vacation so special!  Thank you my friend. But the very special and biggest thank you has to go to Mr and Mrs Fish. Without their generosity and  hospitality, none of this would have been possible.

The chats on the phone with other members  will never be forgotten and the memories will stay with me until the next time!  LOL I enjoyed the real hugs so much i want more !!!!!!!!!



ChevyTech: Suitcase Jake 1936-2010

March 3rd, 2010

Jake Elder passed away last Wednesday and in his own way helped to make Nascar what it is today. He was one of a kind and will never be forgotten by many. As you will read he was the type person that would help any team at any time and had his own way of doing it. Many races cars went to Victory Lane that Jake made some adjustments to and never wanted credit, he knew and the team knew how they got there.

“Rest In Peace Jake” Now go make some adjustments for the Drivers in heaven that have been waiting for a winning setup.

“Suitcase Jake”

J.C. “Jake” Elder (November 22, 1936 – February 24, 2010) (age 73) was a retired NASCAR Grand National/Winston Cup crew chief. He was the championship crew chief for two years and for part of a third season. Elder had these successes despite never passing through third grade.

Jake Elder was known as “Suitcase Jake” because he could never settle down at one organization for a long period of time, hopping from one organization to the next. Elder was known for being a great chassis man and had great knowledge of car setups. When asked a question, he frequently answered “Huh?”

Elder starting working for Petty Enterprises in 1960s as a fabricator. Richard Petty said that Elder didn’t engineer the cars, it was all off the cuff. Petty said:

Long before there were laptops, and waves of technical gurus, NASCAR had its own version of engineering expertise.

Jack Roush, who entered the Winston Cup series as an owner in 1988, has fond memories of Jake Elder, a respected crew chief of the 1960s and 70s who exercised a knack for garage problem-solving in his later years.

“If you had a demon, if your team was beset by bad luck, he would bring his little bag of templates and stuff to check out a car with,” says Roush. “And he would go in and the guys would get out of his way, and he would make his adjustments, and when he was done, if there was a demon in there, he’d have it chased off

He was David Pearson’s crew chief during Pearson’s Cup championship seasons of 1968 and ’69, and had, “instinct, a great feel for the cars,” according to another former Cup champion, Benny Parsons, who worked with Elder as his crew chief for four seasons.

“And his tape measure, on the sides that didn’t have the numbers and the lines, he would put his felt-tip marker marks,” explains Roush. “And those would be things that he would use to check various places on the car for critical dimensions, that he’d worked out to be correct.”

According to Roush, “Suitcase Jake” had one tape measure for short tracks, and one for long tracks. And Roush who has a master’s degree in scientific mathematics swears the man could chase demons (real or imagined) from race cars.

He’d put something on the car and say, ‘OK, now it’s right. Here, you go drive it. And don’t come back in complaining to me, because I got the car fixed. You go learn how to drive it.’ Elder was certainly a leader. He might not always be right, but he was never wrong. One thing about Jake he was always the same. When you saw him coming, you knew what you were going to get. He was good enough and forceful enough that when he said he’d fixed something, they had confidence in the car and could go out and get something done.

Elder worked for Darrell Waltrip when he was a young driver in the mid 1970s. Stories circulate that Elder grabbed Waltrip by his driver’s suit to tell him how to race the car. Edler was hired by Rod Osterlund in 1979 to work with rookie Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt won the rookie of the year award that season. After Earnhardt won his first race,  Elder said to him “Stick with me, kid, and we’ll win diamonds as big as horse turds. Elder left the team in May 1980, which was Earnhardt’s first championship season. Elder later worked for Yates Racing until he was fired in 1991 and replaced by Larry McReynolds. He served as crew chief for many additional seasons for different teams before he retired.

One day at North Wilkesboro Speedway , Elder was disappointed with his perception that other teams were illegally soaking their tires to gain additional speed. So he applied a gallon of rubber softener to his team’s qualifying tires in plain view of the other teams and NASCAR officials to protest what he deemed the other teams were doing secretly. In May 2008, Rusty Wallace talked about his experiences with Elder early in his career:

“Jake was old-old school. He worked for soooo many teams. But he was the guy you would call when you needed some help. If your old car wasn’t running right, and you were confused, you’d want to call Jake and say, ‘Hey, can you come bail me out?’ And he could help you fix it. I called him once, when my car wasn’t running right, and asked, ‘Jake, can you come over and crew chief this car for me?’ And he said, ‘All right, just one race.’ And he came over with his tool box which was filled with so much doggone prehistoric stuff that it was unreal. He had the string out, and the levels, and said, ‘You do this and this.…’ And I took it to Charlotte and had my best run ever.”

His wife Debbie died from cancer. Elder suffered a stroke in 2006. In early 2008 he had a bout with pneumonia. As of May 2008, he was living with his sister who was helping care for him during his recovery.

Retired NASCAR legends decided to form the “Suitcase Jake Commemorative Fund” for Elder. These retired drivers raced in an event on July 18, 2008 at Music City Motorplex to benefit Elder.


Winston Cup Statistics Cup Championships:



Crew Chief



Dale Earnhardt

Jake Elder/Doug Richert



David Pearson

Jake Elder



David Pearson

Jake Elder