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Happy Birthday Dale!

April 29th, 2010

Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr.               (April 29th 1951 -February 18th 2001)

We knew him as Dale Earnhardt, The Man in Black some called him the Intimidator, Iron head or Mr Restrictor plate

Love him or hate him he was the man of NASCAR, maybe the most famous driver ever to lose his life doing what he loved,

This is not an article of sadness, this is to celebrate the notable success  of Dale Earnhardt.

During his career he drove a Dodge charger #8 and a Ford #15 sponsored by Wrangler jeans. He also drove the #3 at RCR early on that carried the Wrangler sponsor, but it was the black and silver GM Goodwrench sponsored Chevrolet  # 3 that hold his fans fondest memories.

A few notable stats:

Earnhardt won rookie of the year in 1979

Dale joined Richard Petty as the only seven times Champions,
1980-1986-1987-1990-1991-1993 and 1994.

His first Cup race race was at the World 600 at Charlotte in 1975

His first Cup win was at Bristol in 1979

His last at the Winston 500 at Talladega in 2000

He celebrated 76 wins , 428 top 10s and 22 poles,

He was IROC champion in 1990-1995-1999 and 2000

The Daytona 500 win that had eluded him until 1998 after 20 years of disappointment.

Dale kept his personal life relatively private. He enjoyed the company of his family, being outdoors, hunting, fishing and working his farm in Mooresville NC. To those who knew him, he was the total contrast to the hard nosed race driver on the track. He was charitable and generous, but kept that side hidden from the rest of us,

To me he was Mr NASCAR.

His aggressive driving, take no prisoners approach to his racing, his total commitment, his talent for wrestling a top five car to first past the checkers. That first tap to the rear bumper,”excuse me” the second tap “warning behind you” and the third  bump “out of the way, i’m coming through”

The iconic man that rarely spoke, but when he did he spoke volumes and everyone listened.

The man with the moustache with the glint in those steely eyes and that wonderful cheeky devilish grin.

The driver I and many miss every time the green flag flies.

The husband and father, who if circumstances were different, would have been celebrating his birthday today.

Remembering you today, Dale.   Happy 59th Birthday! (^)


leftturns190 Fantasy League Results – Dega!

April 27th, 2010

Congratulations to Kevin Harvick, his fans and RCR and Chevy for Happy’s win at Dega!I think it was the best race there in years….with the exception of the finishes, it’s been pretty boring there mostly with the new super sticky surface and the tank like COT. Think the change to the spoiler really helped improve the racing!

My boy! Dang, he’s carrying the flag now for the 3WA members in our league in 3rd place! He spends a couple hours working on his team every week, but his choices never seem THAT brilliant too me… maybe I’m just not brilliant enough to see his brilliance! lol Anyway, congrats my boy, pretty impressive! Keep it up! :hi5:

Following Ron in the Top Ten is Fish8Bait, still running strong in 4th; CRRacing in 7th; NASCARNutter in 8th and LoneStar in 9th! Pretty impressive you guys! (Y)

Rounding out the Top 20 is Moe55 in 11th, still running strong followed by Peace6 in 12th; leftturns190 in 16th and USMC88Fan in 20th.

Still within striking distance is IceBabe in 25th and Red_M in 38th! For the rest of you, there’s still time to put in good finish, We’re at the halfway point, so it’s Go Time! Several of us have a good shot at winning the Championship for the game still, or at the very least the league, so give it your best effort and let’s all finish strong!

In 3For All League, FairieQueen is still flying the 3WA banner in 2nd. The rest of us are kinda lagging there, so let’s make an effort to finish strong!

HAve a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum!




Fairies Trip to Phoenix Races

April 23rd, 2010

I’m not that great of a story teller, so bear with me.

It all started when I decided I needed some serious “me” time. I wanted to do something really fun before my treatments began. I let Speedy know that I was going to go to the races and the plans began.

My son had never been to a live race before and I thought it would be great for him to go along and keep me company. BTW He didn’t know he was going till the night before. I had gone by his work for some sammies to take with and told his boss what I was doing. He asked if son was going with and I said no because he couldn’t get the time off. He said..”Let me see what I can do since this is a once in a life time opportunity”. He was so jacked when he came home from work that night. I think I have his undying love forever and will do anything I ask from now on. LMAO!!

We left home about 10 AM on the 8Th. The drive was going really well. Went thru a lot of beautiful country that he had never seen before. Then we hit Salt Lake City during rush hour!! Big mistake. It was stop n go traffic for an hour and a half. Was the most nerve wracking time during the trip. After we got out of that mess, we are tooling along, no problems. I took a lil snooze for a bit, just in time to wake up and go….I think we just missed our turn!! Needless to say..75 miles later the son realizes we are lost. We did a lot of back tracking through some winding narrow mountain roads with the help of Speedy directing us. Bless her heart to, cuz this was in the middle of the night. I am betting it’s a gorgeous drive during the day. We were really close to the Grand Canyon. Anyways…we got back on track and the rest of the drive was great.

We got into Phoenix at 6 the next morning. Had some issues with the hotel, which eventually got worked out, and got some much needed sleep.

We let Speedy know we were in town and went and did some shopping and a major caffeine run.

The look on my son’s face as he was taking in all the sites of AZ and Phoenix was amazing. Brought back memories of when he was a just a wee one and discovering new things.

We met up with speedy at her house around 7 that night. When we walked in, it was like we had known each other forever. We went and sat on the patio by the pool and just visited. Catching up on the trip details and life in general. Got to meet the doggies and kitties too. The pepperoni kind of hung by me for a bit. What a lil cutie. Had to stay away from the kitties though, very allergic. Poppa Bear got home and we visited some more. Had a few Mike’s hard Mango Punches with Speedy and the boys drank the beer.  I think we left around 11 or so back to the hotel for some sleep before the big day.

We all met at Speedy and Poppa Bear’s house around 8:30 AM to pack up the van for the trip to the track. Loaded everyone up and off we went. When we got to the track, we stood around and ate sammies (that poppa and my son fixed), chips and had a few ‘drinks’, and watched all the tents and tarps go up around us. The party had begun!!!

We went and wandered around the midway and bought a few things here and there. Sat and had pics taken in Joey’s car too. We tried to get on Speed but some fool in a cowboy hat kept blocking us. Got our pit passes. By then, I kind of needed a break. Guess I wasn’t looking to well, according to son. After a brief rest, my son and I and one of the other guys went to pit row. We took tons of pictures of all our favorite drivers cars and some not so favorite ones. Had planned on sending everyone a pic of their fave. drivers car up close and personal. Yes, we even did pics of the Busch cars. After we were done in the pits, we went and found our seats for the race. We were in turn four, row 21. A really great spot for the races!! Close enough to pit road entrance and start/finish line. We were down at the fence when they were making the driver intros. and when Jimmie got booed, Speedy told them all to STFU and some other non-repeatable stuff. I think Jimmie heard her too cuz he turned then and waved frantically at us all. Was really funny. There were the usual suspects in the boo dept. and a few surprises too.

We tried several times to connect with USMC but for some reason our wires never crossed right.

The boys had gone for drinks just before the race started and got back just before the green flag dropped. My son was with Poppa Bear by the fence for the start of the race and he said that he got goosebumps up and down his arms as the cars whizzed past him for the first lap and getting up to speed. Said it was the biggest rush he has ever felt. He was taking pictures like a crazy person of the race too. Then…someone bumped him from behind and knocked the camera out of his hands and below the stands. I have never seen that boy move so fast in my life. He was down at the bottom in no time flat. By the time he got to where it fell, it was gone. There was a guy down there that swears up and down he didn’t see it, and the son called BS on him but didn’t want to ruin his day at the track. We found out that people stand down there and wait for things to fall and scoop them right up. I wasn’t too worried about the camera, just all those pictures of all of us together and son’s pics of first live race. They can’t be replaced or duplicated.

The racing action was really good. I really hated to see Kahne get taken out as early as he did. There weren’t too many slam bam wrecks this race, but there were a few good ones. There were no imaginary debris cautions either. LMAO!! All I can say is we had the time of our lives. Getting to see Ryan Newman win his first race of the season was fantastic. Getting to finally meet Speedy and Poppa Bear, Priceless!!! I am also ready to move to AZ. where it is nice and sunny most of the time.

The trip home was pretty uneventful. We didn’t get lost this time and stopped and saw some really beautiful sites along the way. The day after we got home, we woke up to 3 inches of snow on the ground and both of us whining for more AZ sunshine. Speedy even sent a pic of her back yard and pool for us to drool over and tease us with. I’m really sorry I don’t have any pictures to show you all, but just know that we had a blast and are ready to do it again in Nov. for the first chase race!!! I have a brand new camera (better than the old one) and am raring to go WHOOHOO!!



leftturns190 Fantasy League – Phoenix

April 13th, 2010

Congratulations to Ryan Newman for his first win in the #39 for SHR! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

Fish8Bait is still flying the 3WA banner up in 3rd place in our league. He’s ranked real  high globally too and is well positioned to make a run at the Championship of the game! Congrats Fish! :hi5: :fish:

NASCARNutter‘s been running strong and getting stronger! She’s now moved up to 7th in the league! Following her in the top 10 is my boy RonTheDog in 8th and LoneStar in 10tth. Great job guys, keep it up! (Y)

Finishing out the top 20 is USMC88Fan in 12th; Moe55 in 14th, CRRacing in 15th; Leftturns190 in 17th; Peace6 in 18th and Red_M in 20th! We still have about half our members in the top 20! (Y)

Still within striking distance in the Top 40 are my girl Becca5 in 23rd; IceBabe in 24th and the CFH88 Doom Crew in 32nd! All of them and even some further back are still well within range of making a run to front – we’re not even at the halfway point yet, so anything can happen! Keep at it folks! Would be nice to fill the top 20 with all 3WA members and have one of us win the Championship!   (Y)

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!


PS: I forgot to add a link to a Fantasy Tool ChevyTech sent for people playing Fantasy League. It’s about 3/4’s of the way down the page.


(^) Happy Birthday Rick!! (G)



Benjamin Stewart Parsons

April 9th, 2010

Benjamin Stewart Parsons (July 12, 1941 – January 16, 2007) was a NASCAR driver, and later an announcer/analyst on TBS, ESPN, NBC and TNT. He became famous as the 1973 NASCAR Winston Cup champion. He was nicknamed BP and The Professor, the latter in part because of his popular remarks and relaxed demeanor. Benny also appeared in several race related movies like Stocker Ace and “Love Bug”.

Benny spent his childhood years in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and played football for Millers Creek High School in Wilkes County . Following high school, he moved to Detroit , Michigan where his father operated a taxicab company. Parsons worked at a gas station and drove cabs in Detroit before beginning his racing career. While working at the gas station one day, a couple of customers towing a race car invited him to a local race track. The driver of the car never showed up for that evening’s race, and Parsons drove the car in a race for the first time later that night.

Benny began his NASCAR career by running one race in 1964 for Holman-Moody with a young Cale Yarborough. Parsons won the 1968 and 1969 ARCA championships.

Benny had three top-10 finishes in four NASCAR races in 1969 and joined the circuit full-time in 1970 driving the #72 L.G. DeWitt/DeWitt race car with Crew Chief, John Hill and had 23 top-10 finishes in 45 races, a pole at Langley Field Speedway, and finished eighth in the points. In 1971 Benny had 35 starts with 18 top-10 finishes, including his first win at South Boston Speedway. He finished eleventh in the points. In 1972 he had 19 top-10 finishes in 31 races. He finished fifth in the final points standings.

In 1973 he won the NASCAR Championship with only one win, even though David Pearson won eleven races (but Benny only entered eighteen events). Benny’s consistency likely won him the championship: he had 21 top-10 and 15 top-5 finishes in the 28 events. His returned to the track after an early crash cemented his championship at Rockingham , North Carolina . He saw his championship hopes start to fade as he was involved in a lap 13 crash and his car was heavily damaged. In the pits tried to muster whatever he could out of the car and hope for a top five finish in the final standings. The rest of the garage was hoping to see the underdog unseat the mighty Richard Petty and joined in to help Benny’s crew put the car back together, he miraculously got back on the track 136 laps later and completed enough laps to finish 25th and take the 1973 championship. Richard Petty, with the championship in his sights after winning the pole and seeing Parsons’ accident, had engine trouble and was relegated to a 35th place finish. The poor performance dropped Petty all the way to fifth in the final standings, as Cale Yarborough took the runner up spot on the season with his third place effort. He finished 67 points behind the champion.

1973 is considered the start of the modern era in NASCAR, so Benny is considered the first modern era champion. Benny also became the only person to win both ARCA and NASCAR championships. He finished between third and fifth in the final points from 1974 to 1980. He won the 1975 Daytona 500. He switched to the #27 car for M.C. Anderson starting in 1979.

In 1979 at North Wilkesboro Speedway Bobby Allison led most of the race but in the final 150 laps, Darrell Waltrip caught Allison. The two hit each other hard and Darrell nailed the front stretch wall. Waltrip began crowding off Allison under the caution and got black flagged for the crowding. Benny Parsons would win the race, but it would be his only win at the North Wilkesboro Speedway.

He won the 1980 World 600 at Charlotte and finished 3rd in points. In 1981 he started racing in the #15 Bud Moore car. He had a win at Nashville Speedway and he won the final race at Texas World Speedway. He received his final top-ten points place finish, finishing tenth that year.

Benny qualified for the 1982 Winston 500 at Talladega Superspeedway at 200.175 mph, which was the first NASCAR qualification run over 200 mph. He raced in about half of the races between 1983 and 1986 for owner Johnny Hayes. Benny’s final career victory came in 1984 at the Coca-Cola 500 at Atlanta .

Benny returned to Hendrick Motorsports in 1987 as a substitute for driver Tim Richmond, who was stricken with AIDS and would succumb in 1989. During the first lap of a race at Darlington Raceway, Parsons hit the wall and badly damaged his race car. He was able to continue, but had to make several pit stops for repairs. At one point, his crew chief, Harry Hyde refused to allow Parsons to pit because he and the crew were on an ice cream break. This incident was alluded to in the film, Days of Thunder. Another scene in the film was inspired by a real-life incident at Martinsville Speedway involving Parsons and the notoriously cantankerous Harry Hyde: Hyde sarcastically told Benny to hit the pace car on a restart because it was the only thing on the track Parsons had not hit.

Benny raced in the #90 Bulls Eye Ford for Junie Donlavey in his final NASCAR season in 1988 and then moved to the broadcast booth, a position where he would remain until his death. Benny did climb into a race car a couple of other times, the first during the 2003 Old Dominion 500 as part of Wally’s World segment and he drove a ceremonial victory lap at the last fall race at Rockingham in 2003 in a car similar to the one he won the championship with.

He is also credited for discovering current NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle when Greg raced in the nationally televised Winter Heat Series in the winter of 1995-1996. Benny went to Jack Roush and we all know what happened then.

He began announcing as a pit reporter in the 1980s on ESPN and TBS while he was still racing part-time. After permanently retiring from racing in 1988, Benny became a broadcaster first on ESPN, and then with NBC and TNT in 2001. He received an ESPN Emmy in 1996, and the ACE Award in 1989. He co-hosted coverage of Winston Cup Qualifying on North Carolina radio station WFMX with Mark Garrow in the early ’90s. He continued to co-host a radio program called “Fast Talk” on Performance Racing Network (PRN) with Doug Rice until his death.

Benny began having trouble breathing in the summer of 2006. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. He announced later that the treatment had been successful, and that he had a clean bill of health. His health prevented him from attending a ceremony in November 2006 where he was to be presented with the Myers Brothers Award, honoring his contributions to racing.

On December 26, 2006, Parsons was readmitted to the hospital and placed in intensive care because of complications relating to lung cancer. On January 16, 2007, Parsons died of complications from lung cancer treatment in the intensive care unit of the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte , North Carolina

Each week when I tune in for the race I truly miss Benny, he had a down to earth way of broadcasting and when he went into the garage area or into a team’s shop he would take a real car and explain all the how’s and why’s. If ya ever watch him you learned he love good food and each week no matter were the circuit took him he knew all the best places and had a segment called “Benny’s Buffet” and even published a cook book “Buffet Benny’s Family Recipes”

RIP Benny you’re truly missed and will always be a True Gentleman.

Compiled by ChevyTech

leftturns190 Fantasy League

April 6th, 2010

Fish8Bait makes a big move to the front into 2nd place in the league! He’s also in the Top 100 Globally! Congrats Fish, keep it up! :hi5: :fish:

Mo355, my boy RonTheDog and NASCARNutter are doing great, all in the top 10! Moe’s in 7th, Ron’s in 8th, and Nutter is in 10th! Congrats you guys!

Finishing out the top 20 are CRRacing in 11th; USMCFan88 in 14th; Peace6 in 17th; Lone Star in 18th, Icebabe in 19th and Red in 20th! All doing great and positioned well for the Championship! (Y)

Rounding out the top 40 are Knightslider in 22nd; my girl Becca5 in 24th; CFH88 in 33rd and then myself in 35th. I had a long fall the last couple weeks with two teams in a row getting wrecked out… hope my luck changes soon or I’ll be getting passed by Bubba soon who started after the third race! lol

We’re only 6 races into the game so far, so no one should give up. Lot’s of racing left to go and things can change quickly! Would be great to have a few of us challenging for the Championship at the end! Last chance to do so with this game, as they’re canceling it after this season. :-(

FaerieLuver is still leading the 3 For All game! Congrats Faerie! Keep it up! :hi5: :trophy:

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!



Have A Great Time With Your Family This Weekend Everyone!

April 3rd, 2010