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Junior to RCR talk finally warming up! Junior paying attention?

May 26th, 2010

Will Junior drop his “Casey Mears” role at HMS and be an Earnhardt once again at RCR?

Well, finally the rest of the world is starting to clue in to what figured out almost two years ago: the solution to Junior’s woes is RCR! Articles from Sporting News and other sites, and now even reprinted on, are starting to talk about Junior needing to move to RCR. Now if Junior will just listen, maybe he can get back to where he should be as a driver, andget to a team with his kind of people – blue collar racers and his extended DEI family that is mostly already at RCR or at JRM! Junior just doesn’t fit the HMS corporate mold, and it’s been reported that he’s not well liked or supported at the HMS community. Having a personality at HMS has always seemed to be frowned on. ;)

Junior has been nothing but a cash cow for Rick at HMS. As often mentioned here, once he started beating the HMS Golden Boys every week when he first came over, Rick pulled his only engineer off the team and had him working for Jimmie and Jeff who already had 5 between them… leaving Junior with none! The team’s performance immediately went into the toilet, but Rick had a plan to deflect responsibility for that: blame it all on Junior’s cousin, Tony Eurey Junior. As I said at the time, it was a Rick problem, not a crew chief problem, as is now proven with the dismal and pathetic performance Junior has had since with Lance McGrew.

Since no top driver would put up with that kinda abuse and neglect by an owner, I assumed Junior would be gone by the 2010 season. However, I guess he’s a glutton for punishment, as he stayed on for another year of torment. He’s FINALLY now showing some signs that he’s not going to put up with it anymore, but from his comments, it appears that he’s campaigning more to get a new crew chief than leave HMS.

Again, it’s not the crew chief, it’s Rick and HMS! So nothing short of leaving HMS is going to solve his problems!

Junior’s NEVER going to win a championship at HMS as long as the Golden Boys are still there! He needs to get to a team with people who like him, think like him, respect him, and who will support him the way he needs to be supported. The only logical answer to that is at RCR, with his REAL 2nd daddy, Richard Childress, not the poser car salesman Rick who used the “2nd daddy” spiel to sucker Junior into signing with him.

Now that it is finally dawning on some in the media what was obvious to most of us here well over a year ago, maybe Junior will start paying attention and make a move before he throws away even more prime years of his career getting mediocre performances with a company that looks at him as nothing but a dumb hick with a huge dollar sign on his hat. Those of us who look at Junior as more than just a nice guy with a good personality and a cool dad, but also as a great driver, want him to get somewhere where he can shine and win championsips and live up to his potential! We feel as real fans of Junior as a driver, that he should be getting support to gain the respect he deserves as not just a nice guy, but one of the sports greats! Junior’s made it obvious that’s his goal too, so hopefully more of Junior Nation will get behind the movement to get him where he can fulfull his dreams!

I can only dream! Junior being the new Casey Mears at HMS just isn’t working for me. He’s MUCH more talented than that. No offense to Casey Mears and his fans. ;-)

For those interested, here’s some previous 3WA stories on the subject.

My feelings on Tony Eurey Junior being the scapegoat for Rick dropping the ball back in May 2009.

A “Randy’s Rant” venting some frustration in December of 2009  after it became apparent Junior was staying for another year of abuse.

Sporting News story reprinted on on 5/25 about Junior going to RCR.


PS: The new stories all assume that he’ll drive the #3 car if he goes to RCR.  Why the media makes this assumption is beyond me. Junior has said over and over again that he won’t drive the #3 car until later in his career – most likely he’s said, after he wins a championship. If he went to RCR, I’d assume he’d drive the #30, RCR’s fourth car number, or maybe he’ll manage to keep the #88. However, based on comments from both men in the past, Richard Childress and Junior, it is highly unlikely that Junior would drive the #3 car.

PSS: Some new stories sent in by Ghostdog:

Atlanta NASCAR Examiner: Junior needs to change teams

Bleacher Report: Dale Earnhardt Junior – Misery Personified

Momemtum’s a building! (Y)

Randy's Rants

Congrats To Hall Of Fame Inductees & RCR for signing Harvick!

May 25th, 2010

Congratulations to Bill France, Bill France Jr., Richard Petty, Junior Johnson and Dale Earnhardt for being the inaugural inductees into NASCAR’s Hall of Fame. A very deserving group! I hope to see Lee Petty, David Pearson and Cale Yarborough make it in the next round.

I’m very happy that Kevin Harvick has made it official and has signed a multi year contract with RCR. I hope RCR can stay on top of it’s game and continue to give Harvick, Bowyer and Burton great cars. I would love to see one of them dethrone Jimmie this year… especially if it was Harvick!

If RCR keeps running well, maybe they’ll get Dale Junior attention.  He’s been running very poorly for his abilities over at the increasingly crowded HMS, and would be a great fit as the 4th car at RCR. Being back with his own kind of people would be the best thing for Dale. His trying to fit in to the HMS corporate culture just hasn’t been working for him, and he hasn’t been getting the support there that he deserves.

Congratulations to Kurt Busch and his fans for winning the All Star race. It was a pretty good race, other than none of my drivers being much of a challenge for the win. ;)

Have a great day with race chat in our NASCAR forum! Good luck to all your drivers and your Fantasy Teams at Charlotte!



Fantasy League Report – Dover

May 18th, 2010

Well, I got all excited that with a so-so performance, I moved up to 38th Globally with my main team, only to find that my boy, RonTheDog, had moved up to 27th globally and had also taken the lead in our league! I thought the taunting would never stop, but I was shocked that he handled it pretty maturely when I told him about his success at dinner Monday evening. Anyway, congratulations my boy, keep it up! :trophy:

Everyone, at least in the top 20, seemed to do great this week. I don’t know where everyone was ranked Globally before the race, but I moved up 300 spots Globally and not one spot in our league, so st least the one’s ahead of me must’ve of moved up well too! As mentioned the boy is in 27th, and Moe55, who is in 6th place in our league, is almost in the top 100 globally! WTG Moe! :hi5:

Filling out the top 20 is Fish8Bait in 8th; CRRacing in 10th; LoneStar in 11th; NASCARNUtter in 12th and leftturns190 in 13th.  Great job all of you, you are all well within reach of the Championship, so give it your all as we go down the final stretch of the game!

Regulars from our site on page two who are still in good position for move to the front are Peace6 in 21st; my girl Becca5 in 25th; IceBabe64 in 26th; Knightslider in 29th; Patsoxin 37th and USMC88Fan in 38th. Good luck you guys! Help fill up page one with 3WA members!

There’s a lot of racing left, so don’t give up if you’re not on the first two pages of the league yet. Plenty of time to get a good finish!

In the 3For All League, Faerieloveris still flying the flag for the regular 3WA members in 2nd. She’s the only one, unless I missed someone, from our site who has a realistic chance of winning the league with one race left. So we all need to pull for her! Myself, Moe and Fish would need wings and lots of prayers to win from where we’re at, but I’ve seen moves that big before in the league, so it’s possible….. unlikely though. ;) But good luck to Fish and Moe! I’m always delusional enough to think I can pull something like that off, so you all can just chuckle at me. lol I think everyone would be best served cheering on Faerie since she’s REAL close to pulling it off! (Y)

Sorry I’ve been slow changing stories lately. Been a lot busier in the evenings lately, and that’s usually when I do these things.

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR forum!


Oh! And …..


3wide thoughts and prayers go out to Karfil and Icebabe.

Saying We’re here for you … 

Someone remembers, someone cares:

Your names are whispered in someone’s prayers, wether it’s with our minds or in our hearts

Until the sun comes out again for you,
our umbrella is big enough for two.

“If we had a flower for everytime we thought of you,
We would walk forever in my garden”

We Sometimes we just need to know that people care.
If this is one of those times,
We’re those people!

We don’t doubt that you can get through it alone,
but why should you have to?
We are all here for you just as you’ve always been there for us.

If knowing that someone cares
helps the healing process…
…then you should be feeling better already.



General Discussion

New Fantasy Leagues

May 11th, 2010

First off, the Sporting News Games are NOT Canceled, they just won’t be continuing after their seasons are over, so don’t stop playing the Sporting News games!!

Looking around at what’s available right now, it looks like the Fox game will be best to replace the Salary Cap game, and Yahoo will be best to replace the 3 For All game.  I’m targeting Charlotte for starting the Cap Game on Fox… this will start BEFORE the SN game is over, so again, keep playing!

I’d like some testing help! I started a test league and would like it if a few of you could join and help me test it out.  This way, we can figure out the game enough to help others when it start for real. Anyone else interested in goofing off for a week or so to test it out, let me know!

Fish, Nutter and Moe have already committed, though they don’t know it yet. :-D


I’m going to do the Fantasy Report tomorrow… wanted to get word out for this now. So make sure to prepare to sign up BEFORE Charlotte! If you don’t get an invite by the Tuesday before the race, contact me right away!!!

Please make sure to NOT send any new challenges to people in the group, just accept the group challenge. If you send out challenges to other people, you’ll confuse them and they might think your challenge is for the group! Just accept the group challenge and create your team!

Make sure when you get to the page to accept the challenge from our group, that “season long” is checked – otherwise your team will disappear after the first week!

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR Forum!



(^) Happy Birthday Lone Star! (G)




Race Day!

May 8th, 2010

Well, due to some confusion over on the SN site, we never did have a Fantasy League Report. Evidently, they fixed everything Friday morning, so I’ll just combine last weeks report with this weeks on Tuesday.

Should be an entertaining race! Darlington has always been good for some carnage, but with the double file restarts and the potential for several QWC’s on a skinny high speed track, we could have some major destruction.

Hopefully all our boys will make it through it safely with good finsihes! (Y)

Have a great time with race chat in our NASCAR Forum!



(^) HAppy Birthday Karfil!   (G)