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A Nutter Look at some Daytona Facts

January 17th, 2011

The Daytona 500 has had some memorable moments in its history. It’s had it all over the years, fights, photo finishes, potholes, tragedy and winning underdogs,
Here are just a few defining moments to help us look forward to this years running of
The Great American Race
1959 was the first Daytona 500 on the brand new 2.5mile speedway, Johnny Beauchamp,Lee Petty and lapped Joe Weatherly crossed the finish line together,Beauchamp thought he was the victor but three days later Petty was declared the winner using news footage that showed he had beaten Beauchamp to the line
1976 Richard Petty was leading into the last lap when David Pearson tried to slingshot past him he clipped Petty and they both crashed coming to rest on the grass infield,Petty’s car wouldn’t start but Pearson’s did and he crept across the line to take the win
1979 on the last lap Donnie Allison and Carl Yarborough banged fenders and wrecked in turn three,Richard Petty went on to win,whilst  Bobby and Donnie Allison and Carl Yarborough got into a fight, some say it was the spark that ignited the interest in NASCAR as this was the first time the race had been broadcast live
1988 NASCAR introduced the restrictor plate for the first time to super speedway races,Bobby Allison became the oldest winner of the 500 when he beat his son Davey to the line.
1989 Darell Waltrip finally won the 500 on fuel mileage coasting across the finish line,in victory lane he performed the Icky Shuffle imitating Cincinatti bengals star Icky Woods
1990 leading in turn three of the last lap Dale Earnhardt cut a tire and handed the win to Derrike Cope, this was his first of only two career victories
1993 Dale Jarrett took his first Daytona 500 win as his father Ned Jarrett rooted, willed and coached him to hold off Earnhardt, whilst the other commentators stayed quiet leaving Ned to call the race whilst over come with joy and emotion
1998 after twenty years of trying the stars aligned and Dale Earnhardt finally won the Daytona 500,on driving up pit lane every member of the press, along with pit crews and NASCAR officials lined up to pat the car or shake Dales hand and share in his glory of finally getting the 500 monkey of his back,
2001 this race changed the future of the sport,on the last lap at turn four Dale Earnhardt lost his life,whilst riding shot gun for his DEI boys Dale Jr and Mike Waltrip the latter going on to take the win, NASCAR took the opportunity to make safety changes that have since saved lives
2007 on a green/white/checker restart Kevin Harvick nipped Mark Martin at the line to capture the win by .020 seconds this was the closest 500 finish since the advent of computer timing and scoring,
2010 this goes down in history as the longest Daytona 500 the green flag waved at 1.19pm  est,after two red flag delays for the infamous pot hole the race finished under the lights just over six hours later,Jamie Mc Murray taking the win after a couple of green/white/checker attempts
2011 the 53rd running of the Great American Race, on February 20th, 200 laps on the 2.5 mile newly repaved speedway,we wait with anticipation hoping its an exciting and safe race for the drivers, their crews, the NASCAR officials and the fans who are lucky enough to be there and of course us who will be watching on TV and posting here



General Discussion

New Rules?

January 12th, 2011

Well, after making postive changes for change last year, it looks like NASCAR is back to it’s old ways of trying to screw up the sport. Word is they’re going to increase the Chase to a ridiculous 15 drivers and have an elimination format. Then, since ARCA is so widely popular, it appears they’re going to chase Cup teams and big sponsors from the Nationwide series so it’ll look just like ARCA. :roll: (N)

An elimination system will be a farce, and turning Nationwide into ARCA is just going to kill either the NW series or ARCA or East/West. NASCAR owns ARCA, so making two series so similar just makes no sense. I know the argument is that it’ll benefit young drivers, but that’s misguided thought. Restricting the participation of big teams and sponsors is going to be nothing but a negative to new teams and talent. However, like socialism, I guess it has to be tried so people can see for themselves that it doesn’t work. I promise though, “Big Rules” in NASCAR to “make it more fair” will work out as well as Big Government “to make things more fair” has worked in our country.  :roll:

If people really like that format, they should do all they can to support ARCA and East/West who struggle, not try and screw-up the NW series. We don’t need THREE series that are so similar – FOUR really with  Trucks. This move is going to hurt the sport big time, it’s too bad a little foresight and some deeper thought isn’t applied before making boneheaded moves like this.