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Happy Birthday Dale!

April 28th, 2011

Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr.               (April 29th 1951 -February 18th 2001)

We knew him as Dale Earnhardt, The Man in Black some called him the Intimidator, Iron head or Mr Restrictor plate

Love him or hate him he was the man of NASCAR, maybe the most famous driver ever to lose his life doing what he loved,

This is not an article of sadness, this is to celebrate the notable success  of Dale Earnhardt.

During his career he drove a Dodge charger #8 and a Ford #15 sponsored by Wrangler jeans. He also drove the #3 at RCR early on that carried the Wrangler sponsor, but it was the black and silver GM Goodwrench sponsored Chevrolet  # 3 that hold his fans fondest memories.

A few notable stats:

Earnhardt won rookie of the year in 1979

Dale joined Richard Petty as the only seven times Champions,
1980-1986-1987-1990-1991-1993 and 1994.

His first Cup race race was at the World 600 at Charlotte in 1975

His first Cup win was at Bristol in 1979

His last at the Winston 500 at Talladega in 2000

He celebrated 76 wins , 428 top 10s and 22 poles,

He was IROC champion in 1990-1995-1999 and 2000

The Daytona 500 win that had eluded him until 1998 after 20 years of disappointment.

Dale kept his personal life relatively private. He enjoyed the company of his family, being outdoors, hunting, fishing and working his farm in Mooresville NC. To those who knew him, he was the total contrast to the hard nosed race driver on the track. He was charitable and generous, but kept that side hidden from the rest of us,

To me he was Mr NASCAR.

His aggressive driving, take no prisoners approach to his racing, his total commitment, his talent for wrestling a top five car to first past the checkers. That first tap to the rear bumper,”excuse me” the second tap “warning behind you” and the third  bump “out of the way, i’m coming through”

The iconic man that rarely spoke, but when he did he spoke volumes and everyone listened.

The man with the moustache with the glint in those steely eyes and that wonderful cheeky devilish grin.

The driver I and many miss every time the green flag flies.

The husband and father, who if circumstances were different, would have been celebrating his birthday today.

Remembering you today, Dale.   Happy 60th Birthday! (^)






Score Updates

April 25th, 2011

Well gang I’m still trying to get the hang of this and with the help of Karfil we may be able to give some updates.


Friday is going to be a busy day with qualifying, the shuttle launch, Dale’s birthday and maybe Nutter can give us report on the Royal Wedding. (Rumor has it she is going to be in the front row of the church.)  ;-)

Maybe if I start now I’ll have a new page ready for Friday.


Most important lets all keep posting as much as we can. If ya can email those ya haven’t seen in a while and lets get things going again!


I’m trying so hang in there with me. :webster:



New Page to try and keep things going.

April 10th, 2011

The old page must have timed out so I hope this works so we can keep on going!!!  :webster:

I cannot post Fantasy updates or any fancy stuff but I figure this is better than looking at the old page and not able to post.

It’s only a suggestion but how about everyone going back to their regular names and email a friend that ya haven’t seen in a while and lets get things going again…..