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Loudon Fantasy League Scores

July 21st, 2011

Many thanks to Karfil, Nutter and :fish:


Its an off weekend for Cup but at least we have Trucks and Nationwide to save us from sure boredom and the Honey-do-List. 


Congrats to Sugaflash’s grandson for his first article on Bleacher Report.

Karfil’s talking to the TV paid off and JPM got a new Crew Chief LOL. That’s about the only news other than a report that Carl and Gibbs is a done deal but I’m sure that like in the past if it was true Kyle would have spilled the beans by now. But he may have been busy getting his speeding ticket court date delayed. Lets all face it like most famous people they get off with a slap on the hand only us little guys get the book thrown at us.


Check back I might be adding more during the week.


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Image   HELLO!!!!! Anybody out there????????


Kentucky Fantasy League Scores

July 13th, 2011

Many thanks to Karfil, Nutter and :fish: If anyone has anything they would like to write up I’ll be glad to post it for the Story of the week.


Well after another weekend of listening to all the talk heads they kept harping on the fact that this was the first race at Kentucky and nobody had any notes to work off of. But in the next breath they would say how teams would test there beings it was one of the few tracks they were aloud to since the no test policy went into effect. Do ya really think they just thru their notes out? Speaking of testing, Nascar did kinda break their rule and allowed all teams in a day early for a combination of tire testing for several teams and an overall test day for the other teams. They said all along they cut testing cause some teams couldn’t afford it. So why not do it each week either before or after the race? Outside of an extra day in the Motel the little teams wouldn’t be spending any more like they would to travel around the country mid-week to test at tracks we never race on but only have similar charactistics to scheduled tracks.  And of course they had to make a big deal out of the bumps. When are these guys going to figure not all tracks need to be as smooth as a pool table and the bumps and dips add to the racing.  


The other hot topic is Fuel Injection, Boy I would like to see their setup for it knowing all the electronic parts needed that’s on your fuel injected car sitting in the driveway. Maybe if you want I can give a simple explanation of what it takes for the motor to run right it’s a little more than just adding 8 injectors.



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Daytona Fantasy League Scores

July 7th, 2011

Here’s this week’s Fantasy League Scores. Many thanks to Karfil, Nutter and :fish:


Yahoo!! Reds UPS guys Got R Done……..  Congrats to David Ragan in his win it has to be a big boost in confidence considering not to long ago most thought his time with Jack and short lived.


In :webster: ‘s little world……..

In the past years we’ve seem an evolution of racing at both Super-Speedways. Anything from old fashion side-by-side with drafting and a sling shot pass to bump drafting but when warned not to by Nascar we saw cars line up and just ride, so Nascar set rules were to and not to bump draft. 

We’ve seen several races now at both Daytona and Talladega and the racing has been about the same. It’s more or less Noah’s Ark racing. We will all agree that both tracks were over due to be repaved but To me Nascar created the racing we see by:

1. Normal cars don’t have the same body lines, they don’t all fit in a single template.

2. A Impala bumper won’t line up with a Camry’s.

3. Race tracks shouldn’t be a smooth as a pool table.


But the question is dose Nascar like or want this type of racing to continue? Would they be willing to keep the safety items in each car but make a Impala a Impala, a Camry a Camry etc, yes they have done a little of that in Nationwide and might be coming in Cup cars but even still the bumper still line up. What else you ask what can be done well the same as in your home town pave a street nice and smooth and within a couple weeks send in a crew to make some pot-holes. Sure there are other ways you may have in mind so post your ideas this week.



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