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Happy Birthday USA! Deja Vu ’08 for Junior?

July 3rd, 2012

I’d like to give a heart felt thanks to Chevytech and all others who supported him while I was AWOL. The causes for my absence were many, none on their own enough to justify my absence, and probably not even combined excuse just disappearing. So, no excuses, no lame apology, just glad to see you all again.

Dega Vu 2008: Dale Junior at the top of the Cup series leader board, outperforming his teammates and winning at Michigan. That was a mortal sin in 2008 for an Earnhardt to come into Knaus’ House and out perform the REAL HMS drivers, so Rick and Knaus promptly removed key engineers from Junior’s team and put them hard to work for the #48 leaving Junior with basically none at a time he was driving a chassis completely different from the other 3 teams. Junior then went down the tubes, Jimmie went on to win the Championship.

Here we are again, will history repeat itself in 2012? I’m sure Rick won’t go around bragging about his behind the scenes moves like he did back in 2008. He was so gung ho to let everyone know what a “great guy” he was for stealing from Junior to help Jimmie, that it didn’t dawn on him that any Junior fan with half a clue would put two and two together and be pretty peeved. So, if Rick does the same thing  this year, I doubt he will go on another  “How I screwed Junior tour” to let us know what he did, but if we see another dramatic drop in performance this year like in ’08, history will let us know what happened. I know where my money is.

I just hope someday Junior decides he wants to go back to being Earnhardt Junior vs Gordon Junior – maybe he and  LeTarte will start up a new team running RCR built cars with the #8 on the side some day. Probably never happen, but I sure would love to see Junior get back to being a real Earnhardt, grass roots, blue collar racer and win 7 Championships in HIS #8!

Other random thoughts:

I’m getting a little concerned about my two boys Smoke and Happy. Smoke has the fire back in his belly, and I think he’ll overcome any problems with the team. The #29 team seems to be in more trouble than Smoke – not enough speed for a Championship run just yet, I hope they find it over the Summer.

Can Newman get a couple wins and make the Chase? Will he and Tony find sponsorship for the #39 next year?

Lot’s of Yoyo’s in the Chase! Do the destroyers of all that’s good and American have a chance to win the Championship this year?

How about those Dillon boys? Dang I just love them. I respect how they drive and how they carry themselves. Good reps for the :3: car Legacy. I think Happy needs to go talk to Pop Pop though and remind him that the Cup side needs attention too.

Is Kennseth REALLY going to go to Gibbs next year? I sure hope it’s not true. I understand the attraction of a sponsor like Home Depot, but that is a short term gain IMO and not worth leaving Rousch. I hope for his sake that he’s really leaving because he was offered an ownership deal with Dodge like Tony got at SHR. That would make his move understandable. I already lost Bowyer, would hate to not be able to pull for another of my fav driver who went to the Dark Side.

Will Rousch let Kennseth win a Championship this year? Watching the interviews, I think Rousch is getting madder by the day as it all sinks in and I wonder if he’ll even let Matt finish out the season. Remember, he’s paying a LOT out of pocket for the 17 team this year. From what I know about Rousch, I think it’s going to REALLY bother him to fund a ride for a future Yoyo driver.

Have a great 4th you all! :flag2:


Happy Birthday KountryPapa! (G) (^) :hi5: