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The Top Contender, Wild Card Fight and The Evil Empire

August 2nd, 2012

Who’s going to take the top spot once the Chase starts?

Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and Brad Keselowski have 3 wins each, so they’re the leading contenders. Denny Hamlin’s been quietly hiding in the back ground with 2 wins and is really good at some of the tracks coming up before the Chase, so he’s also has a shot. Any of the four could do it – they’re all capable of putting together wins and have had hot streaks this year. Dale Earnhadt Junior, though leading the points now, has got there by being consistent, not through wins. It’d be a stretch for him – or anyone else, to put together that many wins to take the top spot. A month ago, I predicted Junior would finish the season with three wins. That’s looking a little optimistic a month later, but I think it still can be done – but not before the Chase starts, so he won’t be the points leader after Richmond.

The battle for the Two Wild Card spots.

The most exciting battle leading up to the Chase will be who will get the two Wild Card spots. The general thinking seem to be that Kyle Busch and Kasey Kayne have those two spots locked up. However, one more win for Joey Logano or Ryan Newman, and they’ll been in the 2nd Spot. Then there’s Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon. Both are capable of putting together a couple wins at the tracks coming up.

So that gives us a 6 way race for two Wild Card spots! Should bee fun to watch!

Dale Junior and the Evil Empire

Well, it’s a month since I questioned how long it would take for Darth Knaus Vader – with the backing of the Emperor – to start sabotaging the #88 team. So far, so good for Junior. He now has the point lead – thanks to Kenseth’s bad luck – but the points lead none the less. However, will he be able to get it done in the Chase?That will be the test.

I really like Steve LeTarte – I always thought Gordon fans were wrong about him. I think LeTarte is a good guy who will give 100% to Junior. I think  he has enough pull to help shield the team from SOME of the shenanigans that are sure to come, but unfortunately, not enough. I think the #88 teams only chance for a winning the title is for Lord Vaders team to have BIG trouble early on in the Chase. If Jimmie was out of the question, it’d remove the need to sabotage the #88 team.

Even if Jimmie gets knocked out early, winning the Chase will be tough Junior. He rarely runs very well over that ten race run, but at least he’d have a fair shot.

I just wish Junior would clue in and get out of there. He needs an owner who will give him 100% all the time. How any Junior fan can support HMS after all they’ve done to him is a mystery to me. And to add insult to injury, most of them place the blame on Junior himself – even with all the evidence to the contrary. We hear from them how “Junior’s lost his confidence” and other carp like that. Do they ever listen to their driver when he defines what he means by “losing his confidence”? He NEVER said he lost his confidence in his ability to drive, he always CLEARLY defined it as a loss in confidence in his ability to get cars that are good for the whole race! But Junior fans have been the first to support HMS and throw their drivers skills under the bus. Are they Earnhardt hating HMS fans, or Junior fans? Sometimes I wonder!

The Evil Empire has made Teresa Earnhardt look like a SAINT in comparison! But the Evil Empire is shown nothing but love by Junior fans! I warned 5 years ago that if Junior stayed at HMS he sink into mediocrity. FIVE YEARS! And I was the big bad guy for saying mean things no one wanted to hear. The only thing I got wrong was how mediocre he would actually be! I predicted 2-3 wins a year and make the Chase – it’s been one win period since 2008 and no Chase till this year!

With Junior fans it seems to be “Hear no Evil, See no Evil” and CERTAINLY don’t SPEAK any Evil of Rick or HMS! No matter what HMS does to Junior, it’s all somehow Junior’s fault – “he just needs a hug – Once he’s not sad anymore, he’ll drive better.” :roll: :sick: Sheesh! He’s sad because he been getting the driveshaft up the arse from HMS! As a fan of Junior as a great racer, not just a personality, it has always offended me when people who claim to be fans of his have such little faith in his skills as a driver. I think comments like that are a bigger rip on him than anything the :dingbat: ever does. “With friends like that, who needs the dingbats?” ;)

After what HMS has done to him, I don’t care if he even wins the Championship this year, he should STILL leave! He would have at least had the shot at FIVE Championships by now if he had an owner who wouldn’t pull his entire engineering crew away from his team when he starts beating the Golden Boys.

As long as a majority of Junior fans define supporting their driver as supporting the company that has made a joke out of him the last 5 years, I don’t see a chance at a championship for him. But we’ll soon see in the weeks ahead!


Happy Birthday Red!    (G)