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Happy New Year!!

December 29th, 2012

Happy New Year!!

It seems like the season starts and in a blink of an eye they’re racing in Homestead. We do have the Holidays during the off season, the turkey at Thanksgiving, being with family and friends at Christmas and then the New Years parties that takes a day to recover from. And let’s not forget the New Years Resolutions we make that last a week at best. The best part of the New Year is knowing Daytona is fast approaching! No Daytona will EVER be the same as it was a few years past when the 3Wide gang hit Daytona.

Watching the news of late and never knowing what the future may hold lets ALL take a few minutes each day and cherish friends, family and the loved ones close-by. Give them that extra hug and kiss cause ya just never know.

I would also like to take this time to apologize for not being around much and not counting  poles like in the past but with working 9 hours a day and by the time I get home, shower and have dinner its past 7:00. Just not enough hours in the day and these Ol’ bones falls asleep within minutes of sitting in the Lazy-Boy.

With that we have about 59 days till Speedweeks so get your favorite driver’s gear ready, move the computer closer to the TV so this year ya can watch and be on 3Wide……….


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