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Is The G6 At Fault For The Worst Daytona Ever?

February 26th, 2013

We often call plate races “parades”, but they never really completely are – till this year’s Daytona 500. There was no passing ANYWHERE AT ALL expect on pit road and during wrecks. The only real racing was the last few laps when Junior got on it. It was enough to drive a guy to drink – as I can personally attest. (H)

So, was it the fault of the G6? I really don’t think so. NASCAR finally did everything right with the car  and it SHOULD’VE raced WAY better than the COT raced. So why wasn’t it? Well, during the race, I couldn’t come up with a good answer, so I just got out the whiskey and the beer. But after a few hours post race to sober up and reflect, I really think it boils down to two factors.

#1 – Tires!

NASCAR no longer uses real race tires anymore. Race tires are softer than what they use today. They have lot’s of grip at the beginning of runs and promote a lot of crazy passing and side by side racing at the restarts. Then as they start wearing out, they get slippery and often different drivers start moving to the front… creating MORE passes. Also, those drivers who are good at managing their tires will have more rubber left at the end of the runs and can make up ground there. Then of course there’s the reverse: the drivers who either aren’t good at managing their tires, or who have such radical camber set-ups that cause their tires to wear completely out and blow!

So, race tires promoted exciting racing. Why don’t we have them anymore? Goodyear and NASCAR got tired of being blamed by the fans every time a popular driver had issues after he overdrove his tires or had too radical a set-up, so they said “sceruw it” and gave us what we have today.

Funny how the tires are probably the biggest problem in NASCAR racing today, but you almost never hear the fans complain about them – yet the fans had their pitchforks out every week it seemed when we actually had GOOD race tires!

Managing REAL race tires has always been a huge part of the sport. I hope some day we’ll get them back, but I’m doubtful we will after all the tirades the fans made in past years about them. It’s hard for a tire company to explain to an audience – who is mostly ignorant of the ins and outs of racing – that they actually make the tires so they’ll wear out on PURPOSE! When tire companies spend millions advertising their street car tires as “durable” and “lasting”, it makes their product look bad when they have fans bashing them after every race that their tires wear out!

So, it’ll be a tough hill to climb to get racing tires back, but hopefully they’ll get it dialed in and give us something maybe in between what we have now and what we used to have.

Cloud cover made the tires worse.

Even with the harder tires, I think the cars were racing pretty well in the previous races leading up to the 500. I think the cloud cover which kept the track cooler is what made it so bad during the 500. I’m sure they were designed with higher track temps in mind.

But even with the tire issue, that didn’t really explain everything. After a couple hours of sober reflection, another HUGE factor dawned on me:

#2 A majority of the best plate racers were taken out of the race early!

Fifteen of the best plate drivers either wrecked out; were too banged up to race up front or had mechanical issues.  If you look at the race results, with just a handful of exceptions, they were reversed with most of the best plate drivers at the back of the field! I mean look at who we’re talking about:

Harvick, Tony, Gilliland (yes he’s one of the best at plates), Kenseth, Kahne, Ragan, Shrub, Carl, McMurray, Dillon (I think he’s one of the best) Mears, Kurt, Trevor, Terry, Truex.

How can you have a good Daytona race without THOSE guys in it? There are a few more drivers who had more minor issues who really should be added to that list, making it even worse! That alone explains the boring race, I believe. Sadly, I think all of them were taken out through no fault of their own and just got caught up in the mistakes of other, lesser drivers or had mechanical issues.

I think the G6 is going to be a good plate car – at least at Daytona – Dega is almost beyond hope.  Let’s hope for better luck for the drivers at the next plate races, and a little sunshine for the tires!

I think NASCAR raising the spoiler to the moon for the upcoming downforce races is going to cause similar problems at those tracks. Hopefully not, we’ll see soon at Vegas!



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Prayers Go Out For The Injured Fans At The NW Daytona Race

February 23rd, 2013

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those injured at Daytona today. Tune into the Speed Channel for updates on the injured. So far The Speed Channel has been doing an amazingly professional job of covering this tragedy – the national media could learn a lot from their example! In a world filled with sensationalism and yellow journalism and “just make ’em up if you don’t know ’em” facts, it was very pleasing to see. I’m not going to post particulars since nobody really knows the full details yet, but Speed is on top of it.

Will NASCAR now admit that the The Yellow Line Rule is a joke?

I hope this spells the end of the Yellow Line Rule. It would’ve been absurd for Tony not to do what he did and go below the yellow line to avoid the wreck. The Yellow Line Rule says he should’ve held his line and caused even more carnage! That alone shows how ABSURD this rule is! Even NASCAR agrees this time and ignored their own “zero tolerance rule”! Maybe now they’ll clue in to what a lot of us clued into YEARS ago: that the rule is a joke and drivers should be free to go where ever they need to coming out of turn 4 at the end of the race so they have as much room as possible to avoid the wrecks that often happen at the end of plate races.

Note that if the rule was upheld the same way back in the ’08 Dega Race, then Regan Smith would have been the winner since what he did then was EXACTLY what Tony did today. I’m a huge Tony fan, but I said back then in ’08 that if it was the other way around and Tony was forced below the line VS Regan Smith, they would have made the opposite ruling… and today they proved me right.

Flashback to what Junior had to say about the ’08 Dega race:

“In my opinion, the 01 (Smith) was forced below the line,” Earnhardt Jr. said on Friday at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

“The two did make contact – (Smith) was on the inside of Tony and he had no choice other than to move away from Tony and that sends him below the line and in my opinion, the 01 wins the race….”

When NASCAR is only willing to cheat a lesser known driver out of a win with their dumb rule, but won’t do it to a star because they know the track will be burned down, then they should realize that the rule is bogus and that it just makes them look obstinate and hypocritical to continue to keep it. Time to banish the Yellow Line Rule when coming out of turn 4 to the checkers!

That said, watching Tony anticipate what was about to happen and start making his move before the wrecking even started was very impressive. Kudos to the veteran Champ!

Just a racing deal

After several more views of the replay, I’m amused and a little sad that both Regan and Brad took blame for the wreck as they both really didn’t do anything. If anything, it was Brad’s fault – but all he was trying to do was make the pass and win. Regan took WAY too much blame – he said he went up to block… but he didn’t actually have time to block – he was already spinning after Brad moved up to pass him on the right and tagged his rear corner.

A racing deal with very sad,  consequences, but no dirty moves involved.

Wherefore art thou Euryos?

Another thing I noted in today’s race: JRM didn’t have the super speed they usually have in Nationwide races at Daytona. In past years, all on their own, JRM cars could keep up with and sometimes even pass cars that were drafting – even cars that were in tandem! But not today!

Interesting that this was the first Daytona for JRM since Dale Jr. canned his uncle and cousin from his team. Maybe the Eury’s took their plate track setup tricks with them!

 Let’s see how many engines we can blow up tandem racing!

Give me a break NASCAR! I love how you FINALLY made the changes to the Cup car to improve racing. These needed improvements were widely known YEARS ago (most of them even published on this site), but you preferred to give us crappy plate racing and save the improvements for the G6 car. So fine, thank you for finally doing it in Cup. However, if you’re not going to make the same changes to the Nationwide cars, can you AT LEAST drop your silly engine cooling rules? If you’re going to leave the cars set-up so the only way drivers can win is to tandem race, then just go with it and stop trying to restrict it by making them risk blowing up their motors! Don’t you want them to race???? Drivers should worry about racing, not they’re engines blowing up because you won’t allow them to properly cool them! Note that the winner just waited in the back 95% of the race and kept his motor cool – is THAT what you want for racing in the Nationwide series? This is the one rule that is even MORE moronic than the Yellow Line Rule!



Meet Jennifer Jo Cobbs New Tire Changer – Christmas Abbott

February 20th, 2013

Well, since Jennifer Jo Cobb thinks women in NASCAR shouldn’t be posers, I assume she thinks this gal is the real deal.  She sure looks bad arse! Is she actually the real deal? We’ll have to wait and see I guess!  Full Story


It’s Christmas Time!

“Hmmm… I KNEW I retired too soon”

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USA Today NASCAR’s Hall of Fame needs higher standards

February 7th, 2013

I was just saying I didn’t have anything compelling to write about except for a sentence or two of complaint about Rusty making it into the HOF before others who shoulda gone in first. But then I found this story by Jeff Gluck who expanded on my thoughts plus points out some other big problems with the current structure of the HOF.

Jeff Gluck, USA Today

At this rate, half the Sprint Cup drivers on the track on Sundays will make the shrine soon after they are eligible.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame will induct its fourth class Friday night, bringing the membership to 20.

Rusty Wallace is getting in this year. So are Leonard Wood and Buck Baker, Cotton Owens and Herb Thomas.

In the next half-dozen years, there will be more classes filled with racing legends and pioneers who will join the likes of seven-time champions Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. And they’ll deserve the honor.

HALL OF FAME: Rusty Wallace, Leonard Wood head of the class

But what happens after that? If the current trend of inducting three or four drivers per year continues, the crop of qualified candidates will be rapidly thinned.

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