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If You Don’t Think The G6 Is A Great Car “I’ll Bust Your Ass!”

March 25th, 2013

The race at Fontana demonstrated everything I’ve been trying to express this year about what’s right and wrong with making great racing. As I’ve been saying, the G6 is a great car – especially when compared to the Dump Truck COT. The car is fine, and it will do nothing but get better and better as the teams test and improve on them. The problem with the racing has been freshly paved super grippy tracks and hard tires! Now, we still had hard tires at Fontana, but look at how great the racing was on the slick track! Imagine how much greater it would’ve been if they also had REAL race tires?

I think now that NASCAR got the car right, we’ll see slow and steady improvements to the racing… including gradually moving to softer tires. Dega and Daytona are a much bigger challenge, but softer tires and hopefully hot days will help those tracks! I sure don’t want to see another disgraceful PARADE at Daytona again!

As to the incidents with Denny and Logano and Tony and Logano at Fontana, I have no problem with anything and of them did or said. If you’re a fan of any of the drivers, they all said what you’d want them to say. All three gave it 110% on the track, so you can’t ask for more. It was a great race with hard racing by passionate drivers who gave it their all going for the win – NASCAR style!

We need more of that hard racing, passion and tempers! That’s what NASCAR is all about! Think about why we had all that this race – because the DRIVERS could actually race vs playing follow the leader!  As I’m typing these words, I’m listening to Larry Mac describe how tire fall off and slick tracks is what we need! So, even a guy like Larry Mac who has had a deaf ear to the problem is FINALLY cluing in! That’s all we need is the media cluing in to the REAL problem and put some pressure on NASCAR for race tires again!

Let’s stop pondering what’s wrong with the car! The car is great! Let’s get the tires fixed and STOP screwing up great tracks like Daytona and we’ll have NASCAR racing again!





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It’s The Tires Stupid!

March 11th, 2013

I just watched a couple videos and a few stories where they were all pondering why fresher tires couldn’t beat older tires in yesterdays race. As always, all the speculations concentrated on the G6, and it didn’t dawn on ANY of them that it’s the frigging tires!

I guess the obvious is just too obvious for most of the media!  :roll:

A few years ago, there was a fan uprising where they yelled and screamed and got their pitchforks out demanding tires that wouldn’t blow no matter how many laps were on them or how radical the camber set-ups their favorite drivers had. They got what they whined for! Tires now last forever and poor racing is the result! It’s like when everyone screams for the government to solve all their problems and then turn around and complain that we have a huge government that spends all our money and wants to run every last detail of our lives! We asked for these tires, and we got them!

Yes, there were a few races where tires were an issue : obviously the Indy fiasco. However, the tires were good for racing overall back then. The COT made things worse and then the hard tires made it worse still! Now that we fixed the car,  it’s time we go back to REAL race tires!

The tire problem is also exacerbated with all the track re-pavings! Sticky tires and SLICK tracks is what makes for the best racing! We now have grippy tracks and hard tires!  I won’t repeat myself on the problems with hard tires, but you can read why tires are the problem here.

There was a lot more passing and good racing yesterday than is being portrayed. There was 31 green-flag passes for the lead and 2,342 overall passes compared to 15 passes for the lead and 1,301 overall a year ago. That said, things would improve a LOT quicker if we could at least focus on what the REAL problems are! NASCAR is like politics in this country – everyone’s debating and and focusing on issues that have NOTHING to do with actually making things better! The G6 is a good car, NASCAR finally made the improvements  they shoulda done years ago. The car is going to make for improved racing. Maybe they need to play with it a little… spoiler heights for one, but how about trying REAL race tires again??



PSS: Woo Hoo! Just posted this and turned on Speed and heard Booty just say on the The Hub that hard tires were the main problem at Vegas! Go Booty!!

3/15 Update on Denny: “What I was most frustrated with is it’s not even the opinion I have. I like the car. I think the car is better. That’s me giving 100% honest truth. I was more frustrated with the tire we were on than anything. That’s the part that frustrated me is it put me on an island feeling like I was bashing the car when it’s definitely not how I felt.”

Why doesn’t comments on the tires get any attention??

3/15 And now from Kasey Kahne:If you put softer tires on it, you might be able to go faster,” said the Hendrick Motorsports driver, whose No. 5 Chevrolet will start Sunday in the same position where it finished last week at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “I felt the tire felt pretty good. I’m happy with the way (the) car drove.”

3/15 Brad Kesleowski: In meeting with media, Brad Keselowski said he wouldn’t be surprised if sometime by midseason, NASCAR reduces the size of the spoiler.

3/16 Buried in another article, some good stuff. Why aren’t articles FOCUSED and HEADLINED on these topics??

Jimmie Johnson:

“The easiest fix would be much simpler than the construction project that scattered bulldozers and heavy machinery across Bristol’s high banks after last year’s race.

Johnson believes just using abrasive asphalt for repaves would help.— technology has created glass-smooth pavement that has been laid at nearly 20 tracks in the past decade

“There are a lot of smart people in the garage and abroad. If we start focusing on tracks I think an easy route is to use some of the older aggregate (paving compound) on these tracks. This new stuff that they have used at a variety of different race tracks, it lasts a long time. It doesn’t wear the tire out. I’m sure it’s a smart decision when you are looking at your bookkeeping at the end of the year. You don’t have to resurface the track as often, but I don’t think it’s helpful for good racing. We need tire fall off and tire wear in order to do that.”

“We need tire fall off and tire wear” for good racing Jimmie says! This is what I’m talking about! It’s not just me saying this! EVERYONE knows what’s wrong: smooth tracks and hard tires! But no one makes a big deal about it! Now that the G6 is fixed, making racing great again would be relatively easy – but no one really seems to want to make the effort to do it! :-S

3/16 And even the guy who was against the Daytona repave before he was for it, is now against it again – after it’s too late. Dale Junior:

“I think everybody needs to put away the pick axes and hammers because we really don’t know what makes a good racetrack,” Earnhardt said. “We really don’t need everybody hammering away at the surface of the race track trying to fix it, because nobody really knows what the result is going to be. I think if you look at Atlanta and you look at Vegas and Texas and the age of that asphalt, it seems like the older the asphalt gets, the more we move around. I think us running different grooves is better for the racing. I think us running in one single groove is not better for racing. I think we all can agree there.”

A little late to tell ’em now to “put away the pick axes and hammers”. He needed to say more of that BEFORE they started all the track repaves, not as much good after. But at least after the horse is gone, he realizes the barn door shoulda been shut.

Nate Ryan has the Jimmie and Junior quotes and more in another pretty good article. Click here.

3/19 – Race Hub just had a segment on whether we need softer tires with more fall off and they both agreed! Woo Hoo! Major progress!

I’ve been sending emails and direct messages to reporters, in addition to the occasional tweets. Everyone in the business already knows that’s what we need, but have been putting it off. Need to get the clueless reporters talking about it if we want to get anything done. We need to put a fire under NASCAR and the only way to do that is to get the dolts in the media talking about it! So, add your voices to these guys and send ’em some love and maybe we can get great racing back again!


Good interview by Nate Ryan of Charlie Daniels! Very common sense, insightful man. Too bad he’s not running NASCAR


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Shortest Rant By LeftTurns190 In 3WA History!

March 8th, 2013



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