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What a win! Let’s finish the RCR era with a championship!

April 28th, 2013


First, I apologize for all the smart arse comments I’ve made in the last few weeks suggesting Keelan be put in charge of making the calls on the last pit stop. Smart call by Gil and with Kevin’s spectacular moves going from 7th to 1st in one lap it paid off big time!!

This was an extra special win for me. The seemingly great runs this season that fell apart at the end were a little…. disappointing to put it mildly. I really didn’t want to see Kevin leave RCR like this – actually, I don’t want him to leave at all – though Tony’s my 2nd fav driver and I understand that sometimes change is needed. Anyway, I really want Kevin’s last season with RCR to be a great one – ideally with a championship! I’ve always been real proud of how Kevin stepped into Dale’s ride. His win at Atlanta in 2001 gave Dale’s fans something we all needed at that time. I’ll never forget the emotions on the teams faces – especially Richard’s and Chocolate’s – while Kevin was driving down the straightaway with 3 fingers up and the crowds responding in kind.

Kevin handled himself with perfect poise and respect for the occasion that day, and even though I was already a fan of his from his Busch days, my esteem for him shot up a hundred fold and has done nothing but rise in the years since. Kevin was the perfect man to step into the ride. No one could fill Dale’s shoes, and anyone who even tried was going to be destroyed by the fans. Why Kevin was perfect for the job was that even at 25 years old, like Dale, he was his OWN man. He wasn’t trying to be Dale; he was Kevin Harvick: a man and a driver all Dale fans could respect. I’ve always loved how Kevin has Dale’s decal on the B-post for every race he’s run for the team. Nice, subtle touch honoring the man he replaced.

I didn’t mean to get so sappy and long winded. So onward and upward! Let’s make this the start of more great runs and bookmark the end of Kevin’s RCR career with the Championship!


Footnote on the whole Kurt Tony deal:

The deal is this: It’s easy to dive the corner a little deep and punt the guy in front of you. I’m not against that per se, but first off pay backs are a beach – so expect ’em. That’s why you don’t do them willy nilly and why drivers will punt some people and not others. They race others like they race them.

So, that’s all Tony was saying when he went over to Kurt: “Hey fugtard, I had your back when everybody was slamming you and you take me out like that? Fine, see how I race YOU next time arsewhipe!”

Happy, Smoke, Junior, they TRY not to do that kinda thing to each other. After Tony and Kurt’s new found bromance, Tony figured Kurt wouldn’t do that to him and was peeved that he did.

This is all good in my book, cause I’d like to get back to the good ‘ol days when everybody punts Kurt whenever possible! Then we’ll see if Kurt thinks it’s “just racing”.  ;)

Happy Birthday Dale


Margaret Thatcher

April 8th, 2013