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All Star Race – NASCAR/Fans Need To Decide What They Want!

May 20th, 2013

I have a very easy solution to fix the All Star Race: Move it to Richmond! Everyone wants to see Saturday Night at the SHORT track: beating, banging , trading paint and maybe a deserved punt here and there. But that’s NOT what you’re going to get a mile and a half track like Charlotte. Charlotte’s not a short track and they have to quit treating it like one. Their gimmicks just won’t work at that track!

What we all really want to see is what we’d get if it was at Richmond, so why not hold it there? I understand all the arguments for having it at Charlotte, and I even agree with most of them. I won’t waste space listing ’em cause everyone knows what they are. But if we’re going to hold the race there, make the race match the track! Charlotte is a LONG runs track – you don’t get real racing there with 10-20 lap segments! Make the race ONE segment that is at LEAST 100 laps long and let the drivers and teams go at it!

I personally like races like that, and I think Charlotte makes for great racing. But what most describe they want – including the organizers of the event – is what we’d get if it was held at Richmond. So, everyone needs to make up their minds on what kind of race they want to see, and if it’s Richmond’s style, have it at Richmond! But don’t attempt to have your cake and eat it too by trying to force Richmond style racing at Charlotte! It’s not EVER going to work!

There are also some who complain about the process of picking who is eligible for the race. I think the current system is pretty good. Thinning down the field by making too many limitations will only keep fans of the drivers who didn’t make it away and also make for a less exciting race. You need AT LEAST 20 cars for a good race IMO, and it’s also exciting IMO to see which drivers can race themselves into the show.

The Fan Vote

The only change I’d make to the All Star is the fan vote. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE the fan vote, but letting people vote HUNDREDS of times, and then some votes even count DOUBLE just makes a mockery of having a “vote”. The system also opens it up to computerized programed “bots” which can make thousands and thousands of votes. And yes, they can get past the CAPTCHA – there are foreign companies who will even do the CAPTCHA by hand for as low as 50 cents per THOUSAND. So, for $50.00 you could pay for 100,000 votes for your favorite green car driver!

I wonder how much someone like – let us say GoDaddy would pay? If you vote using Sprint, your vote counts twice! So it’d only be $250 bucks for a MILLION votes! $25K for a HUNDRED MILLION votes!! Chump change for them! Last place prize money pays almost FOUR TIMES that much, and to most top teams that means nothing compared to the prestige of being in the race!

Anyone who thinks their vote means anything at all is seriously deluding themselves.

To add insult to injury, NASCAR loves it cause all these fools vote over and over again thinking they’re making a difference in a pre determined  “vote” while racking up all these page views for NASCAR’s site making them lot’s of extra $$ in advertising! Then the fooled all breathlessly tune into the race to see if their vote counted making NASCAR more TV $$! All that, and being able to manipulate the outcome by selectively “catching” vote spammers who vote for who they don’t like, while letting the one’s who vote for who they do like get away with it, is why they turn a blind to this joke of a system.

To illustrate selective policing of spam voting that I’m sure all Junior fans will remember, I’ll reference you to all the votes on Fox they had a few years ago that showed 70% + thought Junior sucked at driving. The talking heads had a field day with those! DW used to love to quote those spammed polls on TV, talking about how things were changing for Junior (Dave “Disdains NASCAR & Especially Junior” used to love to quote ’em even more on Wind Bag Tunnel) right up until DW himself got spammed for a vote about whether to keep saying “Boogity! Boogity!, Boogity!! Then, instantly, he magically saw the light on spam polling and wrote another article pronouncing his vote was hacked!

To fix this problem and make the vote LEGITIMATE, NASCAR needs to limit it to one vote per member of the NASCAR site. Managing bogus memberships is MUCH easier than managing bogus votes. As it is now, it’s nothing but a sham, which is why NASCAR won’t release the vote numbers because then it’d be obvious to all what a silly SCAM it is!

I had a lot more to say – as usual – including – as usual – more ranting about softer tires. But Fish sent me a link to another article that has very similar ideas on the All Star race AND soft tires, so I’ll finish off by suggesting you all read that article too.

I will say though, that referring to a new set of tires as “stickers” used to have a double meaning. It wasn’t just that they had the sticker on ’em, it was also that they were “STICKY”. The double meaning hasn’t applied for years now, and it shows! Real race tires will make for better racing at ALL events – not just the All Star race!

Click here to read Dave Moody’s article



 Our prayers go out to give comfort to all the families effected by the tornadoes and to keep all our loved ones, friends and family, safe.




Congratulations To David Ragan For Winning Talladega!

May 6th, 2013

Great day at Talladega for Front Row Motorsports! David Ragan win, David Gilliland comes in 2nd and their owner collects over $700,000 in prize money! I always felt Ragan was a real class act and a talented driver. It’s nice to see him get some success. I had him on my Yahoo, Fox and 4Wide teams, but at the last minute I took him off my Fox team because as a huge Harvick fan I just couldn’t accept what my numbers were telling me: that Ragan would finish ahead of Harvick! :-O

I had Ragan for a top 10, and if you’re that good, you’re always going to have a shot at the win. Last night was his day! I called him for winning from 10th at the last restart, but I must admit it was 70% in jest. It made for an exciting finish and helped me get over the fact that my favorites didn’t do well…. especially Kevin.

Racing back at Dega!

I was really impressed with the racing! It wasn’t the best, by far, but I thought that old fashioned plate racing was gone from Dega. I think last night proved that I was wrong….. though I was right about the solution: taking away down force. I just thought that even that wouldn’t help Dega, just Daytona.

NASCAR is real close to getting excellent racing back at that track. I hope they build on their success and continue to make small tweaks to make it even better!

A little delayed, but some praise for Danica

Though I am not even close to being a fan, I do like to give credit where credit is due. It’s a little over due, as most of it is for her run at Martinsville, though I was also a little impressed with her run at Kansas and yesterday at Dega. Both Kansas and Dega ended bad for her, but I watch most of the drivers during the races and she was doing real well at both of those tracks before getting involved in wrecks.

You need a good car at Martinsville, which she had. But even with a good car, you don’t finish in the top 15 unless your driver is kicking some arse or some goofy caution mixed things up. No goofy caution, she just kicked some arse that day. Finishing 11th was very impressive and a shock to me based on her past performance. Remember what her boss Tony said before the race? “I wish I could sit out and watch this race as it’s going to be comical to watch her get run over!” That’s a paraphrase, but represents what he said and what I thought was going to happen. Instead, she beat her boss at what at least used to be one of his best tracks!

Most out there – fans and writers, didn’t seem extremely impressed and I think that shocked me even more! There’s been so much hype over pathetic performances by her, you’d think they would’ve called a national holiday and had a parade for her finish at Martinsville! That’s really the only impressive thing she’s done in the sport to date, considering she’s in a top ride! Her top ten in the Daytona Parade would only impress those who know nothing about the sport. Her performance yesterday at Dega was more impressive than that – even though she wrecked. She actually had to race yesterday – at Daytona, the only racing going on was between the pit crews!

She did indeed get a lot of press for her finish at Martinsville, but comparing it to all the past hype over absolutely nothing, I was surprised a bigger deal wasn’t made out of something that was actually impressive.

Again, I’ll never be a fan, but I’m rooting for her to either live up to the ride she’s given or get the hell outta the sport! If she’s not going to leave, I’d prefer her to have some success so we won’t have to keep listening to over-hyped stories about: pathetic performances; lame excuses; and accusations that other drivers are just mean to her because she’s a girl! She gets treated BETTER, not worse by the other drivers. Because she’s the media’s girl, no one wants to punt her outta the way like they would with any other driver because then they’d have to deal with all the drama in the media about how they’re a misogynistic! LOL

People who think others shouldn’t point out the flaws in a female driver, simply for the fact that she’s a female driver, are the one’s who actually have a very low opinion of women. If she was a guy, she’d already be gone! Even Dale Junior would be fired if he performed like her! He had several wins and won two championships in the Busch series in the same amount of time as Danica was in NW. Dale Junior would just be another Kerry Earnhardt if he performed like her!

She is certainly not picked on more than anyone else! Drivers are just getting sick of her blocking and especially her staying in the race line when she’s WAY slower than drivers behind her! She doesn’t need to pull over cause she’s a girl, she needs to pull over because she’s SLOW! If she learns how to race and finish more often like she did at Martinsville, other drivers won’t be running her over anymore!

So lets give her praise when praise is due, and be realistic when she’s not living up to her ride. As Gilliland said: “Shut up and drive Danica!” I’ll add “or go home”. I’ll be pulling for her to do either one.


Just an observation:

On the last restart, I noticed that Carl was doing everything possible to stay back from helping Kenseth  – at any cost to himself. I know Rousch has given team orders before at the plate tracks – I wonder if that’s what was going on or was Carl trying to get help from behind to pass him? Jimmie did the same thing, but not as dramatically.  I think both Jimmie and Carl would’ve had a better shot at the win if they went with Kenseth till the end. It just makes me wonder if they simply weren’t all that smart and thought that backing up to hook up with their Chevy/Ford teammates was the right move, or if they were under team orders.

Gelukkige Verjaardag Ijzer Man! (^)