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Juan Pablo Out At Ganassi – Austin in #14 At Michigan.

August 13th, 2013

Juan Pablo out at Ganassi


Interesting week! I think Austin will do great in the #14, though I wish he wasn’t missing NW qualifying. Starting at the rear is going to make the road course and even bigger challenge for Dillon than it already is.

I’ve been hoping JPM would leave Ganassi. Hope he stays in the sport and gets a ride cause I feel like he wasn’t able to develop to his full potential. Ganassi was just too inconsistent and was usually a good B team at best. I always thought he’d be a good fit at RCR, and there’s room there. Ty not planned to go there till 2016, and by then, Burton might be moving along to make room for him.

Rousch, Penske, RCR… maybe Phoenix/Turner – maybe RPM…. LONG SHOT: SHR – but odds WAY long. Would be real cool though.

I think any top team would consider him. He’s not going to have a problem finding a team that wants him, his problem is going to be finding sponsors. The fans seem to be WAY down on him – mainly cause he didn’t listen to me and dump Ganassi years ago.  hehe  However, most drivers/owners know he’s a great driver, and I’m sure he’ll get a ride somewhere.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out!