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RCR/Harvick Dust-Up A Mix-Up

October 26th, 2013


After watching the replay, it was Crafton who was all over Ty and shoved the #3 truck into Kevin causing the spin. Ty had Harvick jacked a little, but there wouldn’t have been a wreck if Crafton didn’t drive through them. It also looked like Harvick was sending Ty a message by brake checking a little. So all woulda been fine, but after Crafton drove through them, Harvick was understandably peeved off thinking it was Ty who wrecked him on purpose. So he slammed Ty’s right front fender in. I don’t blame Harvick for that because I thought Ty wrecked him on purpose myself before I watched the replay.

However, Richard and Ty knew Harvick wasn’t intentionally wrecked. When Harvick came back and slammed in Ty’s right front fender, they got peeved peeved and said and did some unfortunate things, prompting Kevin to say some unfortunate things.  I’m sure if Harvick saw everything, he would’ve seen it was just one of those short track deals, but there’s no way Kevin could’ve known from his seat, and obviously his spotter didn’t tell him what happened.

So, it looks like it was all an unfortunate series of carp that caused it all. Everyone’s reaction was understandable based on what they saw and knew at the time. I’m sure they all wish they could take back some of the unfortunate comments. We need to finish out the RCR era with a championship. They need to take the energy from today and focus it against the competition tomorrow. RCR and Kevin each owe each other a lot, starting with mutual respect. I hope they have all come to that conclusion by tomorrow.

Let’s go out and win tomorrow and go on down the road to the Championship at Homestead!


Update 10/27 – Kevin manned up, apologized and wrote it all off as short track tempers. I hope Richard will do the same as soon as he has the opportunity. Kevin’s comments


Update 10/30

I’ve been away the last couple days… Austin said some nice things about Harvick, as did Ty.

Austin said in part:

” Kevin Harvick is somebody in my family that is a hero. He was a hero and probably still will be. During a tough time when RCR needed someone to step up, Kevin Harvick did. He kept RCR up front in NASCAR for a long time. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years, both good and bad. He’s a great race car driver. No one can not say that he’s a great race car driver. He’s done a lot to teach me about different tracks that we’ve gone to. It definitely hurts to hear those things from him.”

Austin’s full comments

Ty gave a radio interview. I don’t have the transcript for that, but he said that “Kevin was our hero” who “basically saved RCR”. He also credits him for giving him the key to success for his first win.

Ty interview here

So, Ty effectively disavowed his stupid comments. Wish he’d apologize for what he said instead of talking about how what Kevin said hurt his feelings, but he’s a boy still, Kevin’s a man, and I guess that’s where the difference is.

They’re showing Kevin proper respect, and that’s all I ask. Let’s move on and win the Cup!

Update 11/10 – In the post race press conference after their win at Phoenix, it is obvious all is well again. Harvick gets choked up a couple times including when stating that Richard helped teach him be a dad. Both talked about the other as “family” and how they had mutual respect for each other.

More than worth watching all the way through. Full interview.


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Tandem Racing – Either Do It Or Don’t!

October 20th, 2013


This half arse approval by NASCAR of tandem racing is for the birds! Either go with it all the way or don’t do it at all! Line up the bumpers; get rid of the stupid cooling rules and all the other nonsense they use to discourage the practice, or change the configurations to make it mostly impossible. Drivers getting wrecked because their bumpers don’t line up is just foolishness! The fact that drivers have to pay more attention to their temperature gauges than driving certainly can’t promote good racing! Preventing the teams from communicating with each other makes no sense when this style of racing depends on different teams working with each other.

Personally, I don’t think tandem racing is “real racing”. Yes, it can be entertaining. It’s certainly different than all the other racing. It also can be fun to watch something a little different a few times a year. However, I prefer “mano a mano” racing myself – it’s what NASCAR is all about.

But the middle ground is the worst choice! If you’re going to stick with tandem racing, make it work! Line those bumpers up! Open up the vents and get rid of the pressure gauges that empty the radiator at low temps. That has to be the most obnoxious rule – “if you try and go fast for too long, we’ll make your motor blow up”. Give me a break! How does THAT promote good racing? Allow radio contact between teams again! Listening to the drivers communicate with each other seemed to be the favorite part of tandem racing to most fans.

So NASCAR: If you’re not going to make tandem racing as good as possible, raise the rear bumper like the pre COT cars and limit it to “bump drafting” like the good ‘ol days!

Either do it or don’t NASCAR!


Randy's Rants