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Happy ThanksGiving – Use FaceBook on 3wa

November 27th, 2013

You can now post on 3WA using your Facebook account. It works just like you logged in with your membership.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The off season sure is BORING, but we can use the extra time with our families. :)


General Discussion

HMS: Double The Monetary & Engineering Power In NASCAR

November 15th, 2013


I’ve mentioned the monetary and engineering advantage HMS has over other teams. I had a discussion on another site and just looked up some fresh facts, so figured I’d share ‘em here.

HMS – Per Forbes worth $357 Million.  They’re closing in on 600 employees. Over 60 engineers – the key number in this discussion.

JGR – Per Forbes worth $168 million. They have less than 450 employees and about 25 engineers +/- (According to Duston Long on 12/9/13, Gibbs is up to 40)

Roush – Per Forbes worth about $166 Million – Work force was very similar to Gibbs but they cut back after Kenseth left – heard dramatically down to about 350, but I just heard Larry Mac or someone like him mention that in passing and I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not.

Those are the top three… gets lower and lower from there.

So, at $120K+ for each of the extra 35 engineers, that means HMS spends at least an extra $4.2 Mill just in salaries over Gibbs! You can double that at least for their support personnel, equipment and office space. That’s well over 8 million – well more than the PROFIT of any other team! And that’s before you even begin to factor in the more advanced equipment, etc. So, there’s no way the others are going to keep pace.

Now we know why NASCAR picked HMS to build, design and test the new cars since the COT. That gives them ANOTHER huge advantage being the builder and designer and getting a 100 or more tests head start than the others.

The playing field is not even close! The HMS engineering team spends MILLIONS MORE and is DOUBLE or more than their competitors! So, as I’ve been saying, HMS doesn’t need to cheat… at least with the cars. Jimmie should be ashamed at losing ANY race, let alone a Championship with more than TWICE the engineering advantage of any of his competitors.

That all said, more power too ’em. I ain’t a socialist – I want to beat them on the battle field. But don’t ask me to think Jimmie’s the greatest driver with all THAT behind him… and Knaus making sure he gets the best of the best HMS has to offer. I’ll continue to root against Emperor Rick and The Evil Empire and hope that eventually they’ll get some real competition soon… preferably from another Chevy team. ;)


Heartfelt 3WA Thank You To All Veterans!

November 11th, 2013




Every day should be Memorial Day. Every day should be Veterans Day. I thank those who risked their lives protecting the freedoms of this great country. You don’t need to die to be a hero. You Vets were heroes the minute you made the decision to put your life on the line for your country – and to also give up that life to a certain extent for several years! There is a lot more that Vets sacrifice than just risking their lives. They leave their friends and family behind and endure daily hardships and conditions much more challenging than a lot of people understand.  Most of these are “unglamorous” so they’re not talked about much, but those are the sacrifices I respect and appreciate the most for them making – day after day, after day, after day….

Enjoy this day heroes! Hope you get some free meals and some free beers!



One Party Rule Works Well For NASCAR, But….

November 9th, 2013

So much talk about Washington’s views against “factions” (political parties) lately.

Yes, Washington said he was against “factions”. However, in practice he (and John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and other Founders) was actually a Federalist and was strongly opposed to the Jefferson Party’s pro French and pro slavery views. The one party ideal pushed by the Jefferson Party during their years of power – mainly through the Jefferson and Madison administrations –  was just a way to equate patriotism with agreeing with the Jefferson Party’s views. Saying “no parties” in reality meant, and still means today, one party and one political viewpoint. That’s NOT the point Washington was trying to convey. What Washington meant was to not place party factions before the interests of the country like he felt Jefferson had done when Jefferson sided with the French against the U.S. during the “Quasi War” with France.

Washington wished that in an ideal world, all politicians would be like him and put the interests of their country first and that there would be no need for parties. However, Washington soon learned that most citizens, and hence the politicians that represent them, put their interests before the country and that even he would have to chose a side. Everyone wants to blame the politicians when all they are is a reflection of all of us. Instead of blaming politicians in general, take a stand and support those who support your views and stand up against those who don’t.

Ironically, over the years, the Jefferson Party adopted the policies of their Federalist predecessors that they had lambasted to get into power. They learned, after actually trying to run the country, that the Federalist weren’t so wrong after all. Late in life, Jefferson himself wrote Adams a letter saying “you were right, I was wrong”. This illustrates what’s wrong with one party rule: sometimes, like Jefferson was, one party is wrong and needs the other to check its advance down the wrong path. What makes America great is our checks and balances on the powers of the government, not just those in our Constitution, but also in our political practice of having two opposing political parties that check the power of the other.

The fact is, history has shown us that one party rule leads to tyranny. One party rule is what the Nazis and Communists had – with all politicians, media etc., following the party line as dictated from above by the “benevolent rulers”. It’s tyranny under the guise of “putting the country first”.  Not my cup of tea.


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