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Yahoo, 4 Wide and Fox League results

February 26th, 2014

Junior 2014 Daytona 500 Victory Lane

Yahoo League

Congrats to Penske and Red for getting the high score in Yahoo Fantasy League at Daytona! 370 points! Wow!!! That’s a great score – double mine! My boy killed me with 330 points to my meager 200, and a LOT of you scored over 300 points! Congrats! It takes about a 300 points per race average to win the whole game I figure, so you all are off to a great start… and I’m in the hole at the beginning of the season like I start off with every year! lol

Fox League

Congrats to Shark man for getting the high score of 291! Once again, bringing up the rear at Daytona, is leftturns190 with 187. ;)~

4 Wide

Congrats to BackYardBonfire for the high score at Daytona in the 4Wide league! Once again leftturns190 comes in last with 200 points. Who is that guy? He sucks in ALL the leagues! ;)

Thanks for playing you all! I will try to put up all the scores tomorrow, but don’t have time today.




Dale Earnhardt Junior Wins 2014 Daytona 500!

February 23rd, 2014

Junior 2014 Daytona 500 VL confetti

Had a feeling today was going to be his day. I always bomb in Fantasy at the 500, and nothing changed this time – but at least I had Junior on all my teams! lol

It’s too bad that just as things are getting a little fairer at HMS for him, LeTarte is leaving. Maybe they can get it done before he retires. I hope he can get Darrian Grubb as his crew chief in 2015. Junior really liked him as his chief engineer back when he was kicking arse in 2008 and said Grubb was the key to his success at the time. Of course then Rick stole him from Junior and gave him to Jimmie since the #88 was beating the #48 every week. Gordon putting his foot down, and Kahne showing Rick that he’s not naive has helped even out things a lot at HMS. That’s been good for Junior who seems to be fooled by Rick. Can’t beat starting off the year with a win and a probable lock for the Chase!

I put up a little Junior gallery on the main page. Check it out here!

Congrats Junebug! It’s been a while!








General Discussion, leftturns190

Daytona 500!!!

February 23rd, 2014

Finally here! I’m just at this minute, after midnight on race day, FINALLY back in “NASCAR MODE”! I’m a creature of habit, and to get caught up on personal things, I had to ignore my NASCAR world – otherwise I’d just not have the time I needed to get things done. But now I’m ready!

I noticed that Nutter said she wanted to play Yahoo – not sure she joined yet. I really hope that her, Moe, DIDI, DIDI, DIDI and Fish at the very least play -I think the rest of the regulars have already signed up. It’s fun to talk to you guys about picks… or as I do, beach about how all my guys wreck! hehe. Anyway, Yahoo is a great game, and I hope you guys join! It’s real easy to play, so even if you have minutes before the race, you could pick a good team real quick for Daytona and then figure it out from there.

Here’s the info:

The Group ID# (8273) and the Password (dale).

Also, I think everyone’s playing 4Wide, but if you’re not, you should! Karfil graciously agreed to do all the extra math involved in making it an 8 driver game. With 8 drivers, this will reduce the luck factor dramatically over the season, so should be a little less frustrating not having half your excellent team wrecked out so often. I think it’s the best game out there, then Yahoo, then Fox isn’t so bad. I sent invites out yesterday for the Fox game… sorry I waited so long, Fox was just low on my priority list.

See you all in a few hours!





Fantasy Leagues

February 5th, 2014


Karfil is doing an EXCELLENT game this year. It’s very simple, but will have 8 drivers, so that should help weed out the good/bad luck factor.

You pick 4 drivers from 2 tiers. Tier A is the top 18 drivers and you pick 4 from that list. Then you pick 4 drivers of the rest of the field for Tier B.

Should be a blast! Karfil is almost done setting it up, should be ready in a day or two, but you can join in the meantime – just make sure to not make any picks for a couple days and make sure to re-read the rules before you do in case there are changes.

Thanks Karfil! :)

Yahoo League

I’m going to do a Yahoo league. It’s a fun game and is also easy to play. Please join! Contact me for an invite!

Fox League

Doing a Fox league I guess: here’s the link:


 TV Start Times for Speed Weeks





General Discussion

Ready for some racing?

February 3rd, 2014

A few more days and we’ll have cars on the track! Who’s going to make it to the final four? What do you think of the new championship system?

General Discussion

Ops Story Timed out

February 2nd, 2014

Looks like time ran out so here’s something to get things going again LOL Feb 23rd is just around the corner….